10 Random Marriage Questions

I listen to The Paper Year podcast every single week and I love Caitlin and Evan’s dynamic. I’ve shared my love for their podcast before and by listening to them interview other couples, I feel that it brings insight into my own marriage.

I love hearing how other couples interact, their experiences and how they juggle morphing two lives into one. And my favorite part of their podcast is towards the end when Caitlin and Evan as “lightning round” type questions to the couple. Lightning round is in quotes because this segments usually lasts way longer than it should.

I thought it would make a fun post to share how Vinn and I would answer the lightning round questions. So, here we go!


Overall, this sums up how I feel about marriage! Yes, this is right after we were pronounced husband and wife. 10.26.2013 (P.S. our wedding photographer is amazing, you should check her out, M Three Studio!)

Do you have a joint banking account? 

Jess: Yes. Everything is together. I think it’s important to be on the same page about money, whether you have a joint bank account or not. For us, it works to have everything in the same place.

Vinn:  Yes.

Do you have a tv in your bedroom?

Jess: Yes. Always will.

Vinn: Yes, unfortunately.

What’s your nighttime routine?

Jess: We usually go to bed together. I’ll get ready first while Vinn takes Copley outside one last time. We either watch an episode of 30 Rock or we read.

Vinn:  Jess is usually ready to fall asleep, while I am itching for a bit longer to stay up (have another scotch, read some more of the current book, get the latest on the Packers or Marquette basketball, etc.)

What was your most ridiculous fight?

Jess: Ooh, this one is tricky. The first one that comes to my mind is actually from the morning we left for our honeymoon. Our flight left ridiculously early and we had to leave for the airport at like 4:30 AM or something. We were all packed and super excited, until Vinn says, “Do you know where my sunglasses are?” I immediately started fuming. I bought him said sunglasses and they were his only pair. We were on our way to sunny Aruba, where sunglasses are quite necessary. We threw apart both suitcases with me cursing like a crazy person until we found them. Needless to say, no sunglasses were found that way and we headed to the airport of our honeymoon, married for one day, in a fight. I got over it…and he found his sunglasses in a bag of recycling like 3 months later. I laugh about it now.

Vinn:  This question initially stumped me.  While I still do not have a specific instance in mind, it has got to be something to do with the Real Housewives being on the TV in our living room.

Your weirdest inside joke?

Jess: We are known to quote our favorite shows and movies in any and all situations. Sometimes people get them, most time, they don’t.

Vinn:  As long as we are sitting on the couch, we can say anything.  While in the comforts of our home, we are not judging each other for not being PC.  That said, we have a tendency to say whatever non-PC thing we are thinking while in public and claim “couch.”

What’s your dream date?

Jess: Vinn calls me and say, “Pack a bag. We’re going out of town in 30 minutes.” We arrive somewhere warm (most likely Italy), go out to dinner, drink way too much wine, walk to get gelato and stroll hand in hand. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Vinn:  We have had a few of these already.  Our first date, at the restaurant we eventually selected as our wedding reception venue; our nights out together celebrating our first anniversary in Traverse City; and our time enjoying nice dinners on the beach on our honeymoon in Aruba.

Who is the alpha in the marriage? 

Jess: Obvi, me.

Vinn: Yeah, I guess.

What’s your favorite tv show to watch together?

Jess: 30 Rock or Friends. Check out this post, too!

Vinn:  Those two are great.  Law & Order: SVU has also been to blame for a few Sundays where Jess and I have not left our home all day.

What’s the one moment when you were proud of your spouse/proud you were married to him or her? 

Jess: There are so many moments. There was one specific situation that comes to mind. My car went into a small ditch one really snowy morning and my front bumper came detached. We took it to the dealer, who said it was fine to drive for a few weeks before we could get it fixed. Not two days go by, and I’m driving down the highway and I hear a huge thud and then a scrapping sound. My front bumper fell off. I pull off into an AMC theater parking lot and call Vinn, who comes to get me. He calls the dealership very sternly and says, “It is unacceptable to tell my wife that she can drive this car and then I have her calling me crying because her front bumper fell off. This is not safe.” He stayed with the car while the tow truck was coming and handled everything. In that moment, I was so proud to be married to Vinn, who will always put my safety and well-being first. And, seeing him work so hard at his career and making all the steps to be the best person he can be is really inspiring.

Vinn:  When the Germans did not know how to handle Jess working in Germany.  What she is doing nowadays is amazing.  She left her job and moved to another continent for me/us.  Jess now holds two jobs in a foreign country, not to mention the development of this blog, while learning the language and adjusting to the culture.  This comes in addition to the huge distance and time disconnect to her friends and family.  The city & state officials did not know how to handle the taxes, insurance, or seemingly anything else since she is not staying home during the day as a “trailing” spouse.  In many ways, she is leading me through our 3 year adventure in Germany.

What’s your favorite moment in your marriage so far? 

Jess: Oh man. We go on some really amazing vacations. If I have to rank some of my favorite moments: our honeymoon (because, duh), our house hunting trip to Germany because we were both so excited and had some really great life discussions and this one trip to IKEA that ended in cursing and then immediate laughter. I love any moment where we can both be so frustrated, but then we look at each other and just laugh.

Vinn:  Our wedding day.  Best day of my life.


  1. Cait | 24th Aug 16

    This is ADORABLE.

    • howard.jessm@gmail.com | 25th Aug 16

      You’re sweet! You and Chris should answer the question!

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