11 Months Living in Germany

Happy Monday. It’s the first real day back to work for most people in Germany and getting back into somewhat of a routine is welcomed, but also sad. I just loved spending all day in sweats, no makeup, snuggling on the couch with Copley and Vinn. But, life must go on and today marks 11 months living in Germany!

11 Months.

Whoa. I plan on doing a week long series for our one year anniversary with things like cultural differences, what I miss about the States and such, but this month, I want to reflect on where I was last year compared to this year.


germany christmas markets

This picture is from our house hunting trip in December 2015 and really wondering how life in Germany would be. One thing that has changed is that my face is little less round. I can thank the freedom of being able to go to the gym every day.

In January 2016, as I look back, I was going through a whirlwind of emotions. It was one month before moving across the Atlantic with my little family. I was so excited about moving to Germany. I knew it would be this incredible adventure that would bring Vinn and me even closer together. I didn’t really think about the logistics of anything for after the move. There’s a line in Friends when Rachel is having her baby shower and she says something like how she read all these books on pregnancy but hadn’t really thought about afterwards. She didn’t know what a diaper genie was. And that is exactly how I felt! I was going through the physical move, or the physical pregnancy, but not at all the emotions or what day to day life would be like once we actually moved to Germany, or the birth of a baby.

I was so consumed with putting Post-It notes on all of our belongings so the movers would know what to pack in the air shipment, what to pack in the sea freight and what to store. I was so consumed with canceling our internet and rent, trying to sell my car, getting Copley ready for the flight, saying goodbye to family and friends, figuring out what clothes to pack in my suitcase and all the minutia that comes with a physical move. I only had enough mental capacity to focus on that. I even had a few German lessons to help get used to the idea of hearing German and I couldn’t remember anything. I learned the alphabet and how to say my name, but that was about it. I would just sit in my lessons making mental lists of everything that needed to get done that done. My brain was full.

I did fantasize about drinking cappuccinos all day, traveling around Europe and bringing Copley shopping with me. I imagined our apartment and how small it would be and how I would fit all of my clothes into it. I thought about frolicking through Germany being able to understand the language and asking for directions with complete understanding. I was excited to live in a place with such a rich history.

And now that I’ve been here for eleven months, I am starting to feel content and more at home. All the craziness and excitement, honestly, about the move has faded away and this is now real life. We aren’t traveling every weekend, although it’s pretty darn close, but I do drink a cappuccino every day. Thanks, Nespresso! We’re in a routine and building a life here.

Looking back 11 months, I was making sure to dot every I and cross every T for the move. I was freaking out about an eight hour flight with a dog and I was trying to be like a duck, relaxed above water, but under water I was moving my little feet like crazy trying to get everything done. If I could back in time, I would tell myself to relax. That all the planning in the world can never prepare you for an international move. But I wouldn’t change this move for anything in the world. I am so happy and can’t believe it’s almost been a full year!

Where were you a year ago?

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  1. Kim Reynolds | 9th Jan 17

    I love your stories! You asked where were we a year ago. That brought a lot of emotions! I still had one “child” at home and in college. I was still working. I knew this year would bring changes. Abe graduated with dual undergraduate degrees and was looking across the country for graduate programs. Fortunately he is married and settled in California. A 8 hour drive from home. I retired. It was all good, but a whirlwind! Glad you and Vinn are happy and settled too!

    • Jessica | 12th Jan 17

      Thank you so much for reading, Kim! Sounds like you had a crazy year, too. Happy Retirement!

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