#RHOBH Reunion, Part 1

It’s my favorite episodes of the season: the reunion. Some reunions are better than others, but I’m sure this #RHOBH reunion series will not disappoint. “In this epic 3 part reunion…” – thanks, Andy Cohen.


I must say that I was very much looking forward to this reunion. This season was intense, out of control and humorous all at the same time. My favorite part of this whole season is probably the trip to Amsterdam. Trips are usually my favorite parts: hi Scary Island, trip to Hawaii and Paris.

This reunion started off a little slowly but definitely revved up towards the end.

We start with Eileen and her great relationship with hey hubby. These two seem to have a fun relationship, while keeping it real. They gamble together, Vinny was visibly upset during the poker game (did you see his head through the window?!) and they seem like great parents. Eileen is a good addition to the show, but I must say, semi-boring. She doesn’t have enough drama in her life OR get into too much drama with the ladies. The worst thing she did all season was try to bring the Richard sisters closer. What a saint.

Then we meet up with Yo who has to be short due to her Lyme Disease. I feel very badly for her. She can’t seem to get any better.

Then it’s on to Lisa Rinna. Andy spent way too much time on her Depends commercial. And Kim Richards?! WTF. She has more pride than Lisa?! WTF. She did Diving With the Stars and hasn’t been on TV in years. Just be quiet. I’d do a Depends commercial for millions of dollars, too. Get it girl. I was really surprised to hear all the accusations about Lisa Rinna having an eating disorder. Albeit, she was never seen eating on the show, but she did make mention to never turning down a piece of cake. A girl after my own heart.


The ladies go down a weird path with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi. Lisa is trying to make it very clear that Brandi crossed a line, which she did, and is not the best drunk, which she isn’t. I think Lisa is very much on the defensive based on what happened to her at the last reunion. She doesn’t want to be the target this year.

Most Shocking Moment: Kyle and Kim haven’t spoken in months. And Kim says she’s happy where is she and isn’t necessarily looking for a relationship with Kyle. Poor Kyle. She looked like someone just hit her in the gut.


Most Shocking Moment 2: Brandi freaking out on Andy when he (very nicely) defending her slap. He said it’s kinda like when you’re playing with your dog and your dog bites you. Which, actually happened to Andy and he wrote about it in his book.

Most Shocking Moment 3: When Brandi calls Kyle a C U Next Tuesday. I mean, not that shocking coming from Brandi, but shocking that a woman actually uses that word in her daily life.

The preview for the next installment really peaks my interest. Kim and Kyle go at it over Kim’s dog attacking Kyle’s daughter. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

Did you watch #RHOBH reunion? What was your favorite part?