Happy Birthday, Copley!

We celebrated Copley’s first birthday yesterday! Her real birthday was April 26th, but since we were in Nashville, we decided to celebrate yesterday.

Look at how cute this birthday girl is.


We bought her a peanut butter cake from Three Dog Bakery and a birthday hat. She wasn’t feeling the hat, as you can see from above. It was actually way to big for her any way.


We wanted to give Copley an extra special treat since she’s now 1 year old. It’s hard to believe she’s one because we just got her in July, but we just can’t imagine life without her. She is best darn puppy ever.

She is currently loving: playing fetch, lounging in the sun, laying on my chest for a quick nap, stealing socks out of the hamper, taking long walks, running off leash at the park, barking at anyone who walks by and hitting the door stop when she wants attention or has to go potty.

Since I’ve become a dog owner, I’ve realized how much love pets add to your life. She gives the most unconditional love and is always happy to see you even if you just ran out to the car to grab laundry detergent. I miss her when I’m gone and looking forward to coming home to spend time with her.

We love you, Copley! Happy Birthday!!