2016 Year in Review

Happy 2017, Everyone! We rang in the New Year with a delicious dinner with friend’s and then him for the incredible fireworks with the Copley Bean! All over social media there’s been postings about how awful 2016 has been and how ready everyone is for 2017. For us, 2016 is going to be a tough year to beat!

The biggest part of 2016 was absolutely the fact that we moved to another country. It will be really hard for anything to top that. 2016 definitely had it’s ups, downs and round abouts, but all in all, this past year was fantastic. We traveled all through Europe, celebrated the weddings of two of our best friends, started learning a totally new language, found an apartment, started new jobs and embarked on new adventures.

2016 review

For 2017, I hope to travel to as many places as possible, to celebrate the wedding of my best friend in the entire world, to exercise harder and smarter, to eat a little healthier, to be happy and healthy, to read more and to focus on the positive things in life.

All in all, life is really, really good and the best is yet to come. I wish you and your family a wonderful 2017 with good health and happiness.

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  1. chelsea jacobs | 3rd Jan 17

    What a year! So many miles!

    • Jessica | 4th Jan 17

      You are exactly right! It has been quite a year.

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