Friday Favs {August 19}

Thank God it’s Friday! This week went by incredibly quickly and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. We have zero plans, which is amazing. I really just want to relax.

Since it’s Friday, here are my favs from the week!



I read all of my favorite blogs through the website, Bloglovin’. It’s like a RSS Feed or Google Reader. You select the blogs you want to follow and the most recent posts will show up in one place, on your Bloglovin’ home page. It’s amazing. I visit it in the morning and then at night so that I’m up to date on all my favorite blogs.

And, I PUT ROOM FOR GELATO ON BLOGLOVIN’! If you want to stay connected and know when my latest post is live, follow me on Bloglovin’.

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Lady Gang

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.04.11 PM

Add another podcast I love to the list. These three best friends focus on celebrities, pop culture, fashion and just daily life. They have a celebrity guest every week and are hilarious! They’ve had Heather Dubrow, Lea Michele, Ashley Tisdale, Lacey Chabert and more. Give them a listen.

This Refinery29 article. 

Refinery29 posted an interview a few weeks ago with a celebrity personal assistant. I’m fascinated by the lives of celebrities and what it takes to work with them. I imagine that it’s quite ridiculous to read some of the stories and this one is amazing. The celebrity is not named, but her most outlandish request is hilarious.

Copley’s Haircut


How cute is this puppy? I just love her. And her haircut? Do you like it? I did it myself. Our groomer was booked for 4 weeks and now is on vacation for 4 weeks. So, I gave her a little haircut to get her through until her next appointment. Her paws and under her belly were getting matted and I didn’t want them to get worse. She doesn’t look half bad. It took me about 2 hours to brush out her mats, give her a bath, dry her hair and then use the pet razor we have to give her a good cut. Such a cutie.

What are your favs this week? Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity assistant?