Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Since coming back from our last trip to the States, I have been thinking about all the things I want to accomplish while we are living in Germany. Recently, I sort of fell into the routine of cleaning every day, taking Copley for walks and watching the housewives day after day. I didn’t really leave the house with any intention.

I would have moments of depression because I would be at home by myself all day with no friends or family close by to call and say, “Hey, I’m a little sad today, want to go shopping?” But, this last week I have tried to do something outside of my comfort zone every single day. And to focus on the things that bring me joy rather than sadness.

Yesterday, I took several big steps, did all the things that make me happy in one day and, you know what, I feel amazing! 

I went to the gym in the morning, took Copley for a walk, had my German lesson, taught an English class, spent some time writing, did some travel planning, read, and, if I’m being honest, did watch an episode of the housewives.

And then, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: I went to the library!!


My German teacher has been giving me some German books for a while and I’ve found I really enjoy reading them. Sure, they are for children, but I have found that by reading while listening to the audio book has improved my German immensely. And she’s been telling me how great our area library is and has been pushing me to go.

Now, I haven’t been to a library since college. I was nervous about asking someone about signing up for a library card and being able to find books I could read and were entertaining.

I put my big girl pants on and hopped on the bus at 4 PM and headed to the library. Let me tell you, the library is incredible! I felt strange taking pictures on the inside, but I think I’ll do that one day. There’s free wifi (a rarity), millions of books and an entire section to help you learn German, among other languages. There are also quiet rooms and an outdoor reading lounge. The only downside, dogs aren’t allowed.

As for signing up for the library card, easy!! I understood the majority of what the woman was telling me and she was kind enough to show me how to use the automated check-in and check-out system for the books.

I walked away with several books, including a recipe book. I hope to dedicate time this weekend to reading these books and expanding my German knowledge.

And if that wasn’t enough, Vinn and I went back to the Wine Festival with some of his colleagues and I really hit it off with another American girl. We exchanged numbers and made plans to hang out next week.

Talk about out of my comfort zone. I am so proud of myself and want to continue to move forward and do something new every single day.

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do that’s out of your comfort zone?