Friday Favs {March 24}

It is Friday, TGIF. Wow, oh wow has this week flown. Something happened almost every single night this week and I am so excited to spend tonight snuggling on the couch with my favorite guy and puppy. We’re also (finally) going to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow with some friends and then grabbing dinner. Last week we ended up not going because the movie time was too close to when Vinn played tennis. It is going to be a great weekend!

But before we get to that, here are my Friday Favs from the week! I’d love to hear what you’re loving this week.

National Puppy Day


I would be remised not to include this cute face since yesterday was National Puppy Day. I know I talk about Copley so much but I seriously can not imagine life without her. She loves to snuggle, play fetch, go for walks and makes us laugh every single day. She clearly gets a lot of attention and can’t stand it when we busy doing something else and will do whatever it takes to turn our attention back to her. Yes, even working. As we say, “We gotta work. Someone’s gotta put treats in the bowl!”

Celebrating a friend’s 1 year in Germany


Yesterday was one of my closest friend’s 1 year anniversary of living in Germany. She moved her with her German husband who works for the same company as Vinn. Her husband was an “expat” from Germany and working in the US for five years and his contract brought him back to Germany. She invited a bunch of people over to her house to celebrate with a magnum of prosecco and we talked about the past year, how it’s been tough, yet amazing and plans for the future. It definitely reminded me of all the thoughts that were going through my head on my one year anniversary of living in Germany. I am so blessed to have met her and my other friends because it has made life in Germany so much better!

Refinery29 Article

This article on Refinery29 really hit home for me. The title alone, “My Husband Makes $110,000 – & I Gave Up My Job for Him” made me instantly want to read it. Her story and mine are very similar, except that her husband is in the military and they are living in Alabama. She talked about how lonely not working can be and that she sometimes feels like a “moocher.” I totally relate to that but the takeaway is that you make decisions as a couple that are right for you and you have to focus on that. Kinda like how you can’t compare yourself to others because it is the thief of joy.

I think that’ll do it for this week! What are your Friday Favs? Have a great weekend.

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