My New Weekly Routine


Hi There. Happy Friday. I just love Fridays, don’t you? This Friday is extra special because I am coming off a new weekly schedule/routine. I am happy to say that I was able to increase the hours I am working at my marketing job from 12 hours per week to 20 hours per week. This past week was the first week of working more, and, I must say, I am exhausted!

I haven’t worked a full day for a year and a half. Whoa. That is insane, especially because I used to work 50+ hours per week! I am out of working shape, that’s for sure. I do like having a more consistent schedule, making more money (more travel!!), and still having days where I can focus on writing. My routine and Copley’s was totally different this week and thought it would be fun to share. I love reading about other people’s routines because it gives me so much motivation and makes me want to be more productive when I see how productive other people are.

Like most people, trying to find the time to work, exercise, hang out with friends and family, cook, travel and work is difficult. Each day is just a little bit different and if I stay organized, I’m more likely to get everything done that I want. And that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon certainly helps.

Every day I want to accomplish these things: some kind of exercise, hanging out with Vinn, taking Copley on walks, cooking a good dinner, cleaning something and studying German. I do my best to get most of these done and consider it a huge win if I do. Extra bonus points for reading before bed instead of watching TV.


New routine with Google Calendar


I have found through trial and error that having specific things to do on specific days helps me reach my goals and makes me feel productive on the days when I am not “working.” I put working in quotes because even though I don’t go into the office on Mondays and Fridays, I am working on blog stuff, which is more fun, more satisfying and, honestly, much harder. Here are the major things I accomplish on each day:

Monday: Blogging, cleaning the bathroom, laundry, possible lunch with a friend, gym/weights day.

Tuesday: Work 8-3, German lesson, cardio day.

Wednesday: Work 8 – 5, German homework, gym/weights day.

Thursday: Work 8 – 3, German lesson, cardio day.

Friday: Blogging, travel planning, more cleaning, possible lunch with a friend, gym/weights day.

Saturday: If we aren’t traveling, I use Saturdays to go to the grocery store, have another cardio day, perhaps some cleaning and then do something fun with Vinn and Copley.

Sunday: Rest day all around. We’ll do something around our city or take a day trip somewhere. Or we spend the entire day on the couch watching Netflix. No shame.

I put my routine in my Google Calendar still and I love it. Everything is color coordinated, I can see all my appointments, blog post ideas and to-dos in one place. My new schedule is definitely still taking some getting used to, but I am excited to have a more definite schedule. Would you be interested in seeing a “day in the life” type post on a working day vs. a non-working day? I want to write posts that you’re interested in reading. I’d love to hear how you schedule your lives, too.

What days are the busiest for you? Do you use an online calendar or a paper planner?


Getting It All Done, One Expat's Work & Blog Routine

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