When The World Sucks


The news has been terrible lately. Terribly sad. Terribly upsetting. Terribly confusing. I can’t believe a lot of the news stories I’m reading about the Las Vegas shooting, about the unrest in Barcelona and how Americans don’t seem to be pulling together, but rather ripping each other apart. No matter your political affiliation, I think (hope) we can all agree that the state of the world is not positive and things need to change. And they should change sooner rather than later.

But I, like others, feel stuck and don’t know what to do. Sure, I could look up my Congress representative (which state do I look up if I’m living in Germany, I don’t know) or sign a petition, but that doesn’t seem like enough. I honestly don’t know what to do. I just know that I should continue to live my best life, to make changes at home for a better future, to keep a smile on my face and to focus on the positive things. I do believe that we should focus on the things we can change, like our attitudes, our opinions, our willingness to change and what news we read or watch.

Sometimes when the world sucks, I find myself leaning into silly things that make me happy, like the housewives, funny memes, entertainment stories and long walks with the dog listening to a silly podcast.


I hope this blog helps bring some sunshine to your day because that’s what I want it to be. But I just wanted to share some thoughts on the horrific news about Las Vegas. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

What do you do when the world seems to come crashing down?

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