Nuremberg Christmas Market


After our relaxing Saturday spent at home on the couch, we drove about two hours to Nuremberg for the Christmas market or Christkindlmarkt! We wanted to visit Nuremberg’s Christmas Market because it is undoubtedly the most famous in Germany and gets about 2 million visitors per year. Historians also believe that this is the oldest market that started in the 1600’s.

We arrived around 2 PM, checked into our hotel and immediately headed off to the market. It was snowing like crazy and poor Copley was not feeling it. She was wearing a Christmas sweater but she will not wear little booties, even though we’ve tried. So, after about an hour, we headed back to the hotel and dropped her off so she could be warm & snooze.

Nuremberg, Germany

The city is on the water and has beautiful bridges everywhere. I love that in this photo you can see the snowflakes and the Christmas decorations across the way. There’s just something about Christmas that is so peaceful and perfect.

Going to the Nuremberg Christmas Market

Despite the weather, it was quite crowded with people all bundled up and using umbrellas against the snow. But that’s nothing a little warm, mulled wine (or glühwein, as it’s called in German) can’t fix. I’m actually not a huge fan of the drink because why mess up delicious wine, but I can always manage to find some Bailey’s and hot chocolate.

Nuremberg is known for lebkuchen or gingerbread cookies and Nuremberger Wurst, which are three small sausages in one roll. And, oh man, are both absolutely delicious! I have to say that the wurst sandwiches were the best I’ve ever had and would want to go back just to eat those again. And there are stands and stands and stands full of cookies and decorated hearts and just as many serving wurst. It is a sight to see and one that I absolutely love.

The market itself is mostly in the main square and then also on the surrounding streets. If you have small children, Nuremberg would make a fantastic choice because there is a children’s specific Christmas market with rides, stands selling toys and delicious treats!

Cute dog goes to the Nuremberg Christmas Market

One of my favorite parts was going to the top of Church of Our Lady, which you see in the background. The church is Catholic and was built in the 14th Century. I love the Gothic structure, as well.  The top of the church has two small platforms for people and you just have the most magical view of the market.

View of the Nuremberg Christmas Market

I mean, isn’t that view amazing?! Look at all the stands, all the lights, all the snow. In the middle of everything there’s a manager on display to add even more greatness to the market. Germans certainly know how to celebrate Christmas!

Top of the Nuremberg Church at the Christmas Market

Drinking Gluhwein at a Christmas Market is a German Tradition

A fun portion of the market is a small area dedicated to the sister cities of Nuremberg, included Atlanta, Georgia! The cities have stands and sell items specific to them. The Atlanta stand had Swiss Miss hot chocolate, Reese’s, Hershey’s and Coca-Cola ornaments. There were stands from Cordoba, Glasglow and Venice. It was neat to see all those cities in one place with their famous food and goods.

And while you’re enjoying the Nuremberg Christmas Market, you should definitely make your way to the Nuremberg Castle. It’s a 6 minute walk and offers you a spectacular view of the city. The castle itself isn’t too exciting but climbing to the top during the snow is just spectacular.

View of Nuremberg from the Castle

And they even had a Christmas tree up!

Nuremberg Castle at Christmas is beautiful

Snow in Nuremberg

All in all, our time spent in Nuremberg was just wonderful. It definitely made it feel like Christmas with all the snow and the market. It is a beautiful city with a spectacular Christmas Market. We heard a lot of English, actually, and would make a great destination during a tour of Germany and should not be missed around the holidays.

Christmas Markets are a German tradition and Nuremberg offers the most famous and oldest in the country!


What It's Like to Visit the Nuremberg Christmas Market

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the holiday season?

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