Ringing in the New Year in Nashville


On this third day of 2018, I am settling into the new year and digging into goal setting and trying to stop eating all the Reese’s trees. Why are those so much better than regular ones? Ugh.

But before we dig into what I want to get out of 2018, I thought I would share how we rung in the New Year in Nashville with my family because it was just so much fun!

A few months ago, my mom texted me to see if we would want to go to Nashville for a Jimmy Buffett concert over New Year’s Eve. Without hesitation, we said yes!! My dad is quite possibly the biggest Parrot Head in the world and has been to concerts since before I was born. In fact, this concert was his 40th year in a row he has been to a Jimmy Buffett concert! Some of the songs were his lullabies for me and my sister when we were babies, so the songs have such a special meaning for me.

We rented a house in East Nashville that turned out to be perfect. The area of Nashville is up and coming so there isn’t too much within walking distance, but it’s about a 3 minute drive from downtown Nashville. We stayed at this house in case you ever visit Nashville. It would make a great place for groups of people or families who want to have a home base in Music City.

After a Chinese dinner, we made our way to Bridgestone Arena to stand out in the freezing cold (I think it was 14 degrees!) to wait to get in. It was freezing. I thought my sister was going to just call an Uber and head home because it was so cold! But once we made it inside, we found our seats and drank some Landshark!

NYE 2018

Our seats were in the upper balcony but we had the first row, which turned out to be great. Huey Lewis and the News opened and was pretty good. I didn’t really know many of the songs but it was cool to see the crowd go wild for him.

And then, the main event, Jimmy Buffett came on stage. He played all the classics and my favorite is always, “Fins” because everyone in the crowd throws their hands in the air like shark fins.

2018 New Years Eve

There was a countdown on the projector for midnight and when there was about 4 minutes left, Jimmy started playing, “Margaritaville.” It was the perfect song to ring in the new year and the crowd went wild. Then balloons came falling down from the ceiling!

New Years Eve 2018

If you’ve never been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t know many of the songs, it is so much fun. I highly recommend going in the summer, though, because the tailgates are out of control. My aunt and uncle actually got Vinn some pretty amazing seats to a Buffett concert in Chicago for a college graduation gift and we have the best time tailgating and seeing everyone else’s games.

Here’s a picture of my dad so happy after his 40th year in a row:

New Years Eve Nashville 2018

Doesn’t he look so happy? He’s so happy when he’s listening to Buffett.

Overall, the concert was great and was such a cool way to ring in the new year. We came back  to our house and sipped on champagne before passing out 2 AM.

How’d you spend New Year’s Eve?

Jimmy Buffett NYE Concert in Nashville 2018

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