Ugh, Jet Lag


Oh man, jet lag is kicking my booty!! We landed around 9 AM German time yesterday and got home around 10:45 and I basically fell immediately asleep. I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane, I was just so exhausted, couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt just gross.

The flight was pretty easy, Copley only barked a few times because of people walking quickly down the aisle and I watched Battle of the Sexes and the original Vacation. Plus some tv episodes, a little bit of reading and sitting with my eyes closed but not sleeping. Isn’t that just the worst?

I’ve written about jet lag in the past and about all the ways I try to combat it and I just did not follow my own advice. I ate Burger King for lunch, watched way too many YouTube videos and would be awake for a few minutes, fall asleep for an hour, wake up for an hour, fall back asleep. Not exactly a recipe for getting over jet lag quickly. I fell asleep around midnight last night.

Side Note: It is a Tuesday and I normally don’t blog on Tuesdays, but I was so tired on Monday, I couldn’t even form a sentence!

Today, I am working from home, which was probably the best decision I could have made. I need to unpack, take down our Christmas decorations (!), clean and get back to reality. Vinn went to the grocery store yesterday so we have a little bit of food, but not enough for more than today, so I have to do that. And I want to go to the gym and probably watch too many episodes of Fuller House.

I want to hit the ground running with my 2018 goals, like eating healthier, working out and reading, starting now! There’s no time like the present and it’s not vacation anymore, so it’s time for eggs and fruit for breakfast, instead of bagels, bacon and chocolate croissants.

What are your plans for the day?

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