Getting Over Post-Holiday Blues


It is January 12th, two weeks after the New Year, the allure of new beginnings has somewhat faded and January’s seasonal affective disorder has started full swing. And to top it all off, I have the post-holiday blues. Hard. They hit me every year but this year especially because I spent almost 3 weeks in America with family, friends and almost daily trips to Publix. We had pizza with real pepperoni, I tried some delicious almond milk coffee creamer, I watched Parks & Recreation on Netflix and old Housewives episodes on Hulu. I went to Nordstrom, ate Panera, took really hot showers with insanely soft water, went to Target, ate French onion dip and used a Keurig. I got to visit two high school girlfriends and their babies. It was just all so wonderful.

One morning this week, I was sitting in the VW dealership (our car was making weird noises & turns out our tires have rust all over them!) on the verge of tears. I was just looking around, hearing a language that is still confusing and just wanting to be home. That was the moment I knew I was having my post-holiday blues.

I later got to work, downed a cup of coffee and started to think about how to make the day better. There’s only one year left of living in Germany. I seriously think I’ve mentioned that in every post so far in 2018. But, it’s true. I don’t want to waste the last year of this incredible opportunity being sad, mad, confused, any negative feeling.

I want to spend 2018 happy, excited, content!  And a little tipsy, if I’m being honest. The wine and champagne here aren’t going to drink themselves. To combat feeling sad and lonely, I have made plans with girlfriends, put together a work out schedule, started researching some travel destinations, downloaded lots of books and plan to reorganize our apartment. I know that keeping my mind busy is the best way to not drown in the darkness of after Christmas and January.

It’s so hard missing family and wondering what life would be like if we were back in the States. There’s no sense in wondering if we’d have a house or a baby because we aren’t there. Life dealt us this incredible had and we’re living it to the fullest. I choose to focus on the positive. And that the glass is half full.

I think focusing on the positive is the only way to get through life, including when I feel like I’m having post-holiday blues.

Have you ever experienced the post-holiday blues? What do you do to feel better?

Getting Over Post-Holiday Blues, It's Always Hard to Leave Home

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