A Day Without TV

Hi. I’m Jessica and I have a problem. With tv.

There, I said it.

I have a problem watching tv. I turn on the tv for background noise, for entertainment and for a cure for boredom. I do really love my housewives and will never be able to give them up. But, this past week I’ve been itching to do something during the day other than watching tv. I want to spend more time outside exploring and using my time inside for studying and writing.

So, this past Friday, I didn’t watch tv all day! It was surprisingly easy at first, and then it was really hard. Here’s what the day looked like:

6:05 – 7 AM: Gym time! Unfortunately, the power was out and the only cardio I could do was the stair master. I haven’t done the stairs in years and after 10 minutes on this thing, I remember why. It sucks. I kept going and did 20 minutes here and then a Tone It Up video.


7:15 – 8 AM:  Get ready for the day and take Copley for a walk.

8:30 – 10:45 AM: Teach English online. I’m actually having a lot of fun teaching English and it’s a great way to help non-native speakers learn the language and help them at work. Everyone I teach already has the basics of English down, they just want to learn more business phrases.

11 – 12 PM: Blog and listen to Apple Music. I’m really liking the radio option on Apple Music. It’s like Spotify, but with Apple.


12 – 12:45 PM: Walk with Copley to Ludwigsburg. Friday was perfect weather for the 40 minute walk. Copley did a great job during the walk, but was definitely tired!


1 – 2 PM: I did some shopping at the city center for an upcoming bachelorette party and ate some Subway.

2 – 3 PM: Keeping the amazing train going, I went to the main square to read my book and drink a glass of rose.


After that, Copley and I walked back and she passed out!!

5 PM: I admittedly started watching YouTube videos right before 5 PM. I was home by myself and had finished my German homework, already read all my blogs and was going a little crazy.

And then Vinn came home, we made dinner and watched some tv. I didn’t go the entire day without tv, but I made it through the working day without it. It was great to get out of the house with Copley, enjoy the weather, do something to stimulate my mind and appreciate where we live.

My Overall Thoughts: I still love tv. It’s one of my vices and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. The problem lies when tv becomes the focus of the day. I feel great about getting out of the house. There will be days, probably a rainy day, when I’ll stay home and watch tv for hours, but I’m going to limit those days. 3 years isn’t that long and now’s the time to do things and not watch tv.

Have you ever not watched tv for a specific period of time?

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