A Letter to All

Dear Friends, Family and Virtual Friends,

Tomorrow I embark on the next great chapter in my book of life. The official move to Germany starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited!

Hubby has been in Germany for a week already and I miss him terribly. This time in our lives is going to change us for the better. We are one lucky couple. We are lucky that we have each other, that we both wanted this move and that we can lean on each other when sh*t hits the fan.

I don’t want anyone to worry about us (hi, Mom!). Even though it’s a little bit scary and there’s always fear in the unknown, there will never come a point when this isn’t a good opportunity. We will be traveling Europe, exploring a different culture and becoming more worldly people.

Communication is going to be even more important now because it’s not going to be as accessible. The group chat with my mom and sister will have to take a new route. The random texts throughout the day with my best friends will have to become an email or Facebook message. I should probably get some Apple stock because we’ll be using Facetime so much more.

Please come visit us. It’s going to be difficult to get back to the states for holidays, birthdays and life moments and the door is always open people to come visit us. *Also note, this invitation is for real life friends and family only.

I apologize in advance for all of my crying phone calls and poor me discussions. I know, poor, little European girl. I will have a hard time adjusting to this new situation, but I will love it. Tell me I’m being stupid and to get over it.

When we come back for visits, please know that we will do our best to see everyone at once. It’s going to be difficult and it doesn’t mean we love you any less and each moment is precious. We have some weddings in the near future and hope to see as many people as possible.

So, dear friends and family, we love you. We are so excited to start the next three years and can’t wait to share everything with you! Keep reading, keep writing us, keep calling us. We love you all!


  1. mthreestudio | 9th Feb 16

    Get the app on your phone called Whatsapp. It will let you text internationally for free. I use it with my european friends!

    (WordPress made me try this comment 3 times, so sorry if this is a repeat!)

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