A Relaxing Labor Day Weekend

Whoa, it’s Tuesday and it’s already the second week in September. Where has the time gone? And why is it that weekend days go so much faster than work days?! I wish I could be on vacation all the time. Ahhh life goals.

This weekend was one of those weekends that will go down in history as the time my parents were really just friends, my sister is seriously one of my favorite people on the planet and that I suck at Pictionary.

Friday was a typical day at the office and then we headed to the airport to fly to Atlanta. The flight ended up being delayed and Copley had a hell of a time in her bag. We get to carry her on the plane and she sits underneath the seat in front of me, which is nice. Once the plane gets going, she does fantastic! She’s such a great girl!!

Saturday started with a hilly and hot 6 mile run. It was insanely hot and my legs were tired, but we did it!!


Saturday was spent driving around the community where my parents rented a house because they are thinking of moving down there. And lots of mimosa and wine drinking. Then we played Heads Up. I love that game!!

Check out this view. Isn’t it gorgeous?


I would love to live in a place like this. Well, actually, I would really love to live somewhere on the water. The lake is super calming and I just love sitting on the dock with my feet dangling and toes in the water. It was the best way to spend a weekend!

Sunday we went to the pool, which is the best pool I’ve ever been to!


It was an infinity pool, had a waterfall, hot tub and flags on the chairs for the wait staff. It was fantastic. Again, so relaxing!

We played more games, drank more wine and went to bed early!

Monday was all too short. My parents rented a boat, so we went out on the water and it was fabulous.


We left timidly and didn’t get home until after midnight. This weekend filled my heart and I just love my family so much!

How was your Labor Day weekend?


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