A Very (German) Christmas

Merry day after Christmas, everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating with family. Vinn and I celebrated with our little family here in Germany and it was incredibly wonderful.

Fun cultural tidbit: Christmas Eve is much “bigger” here in Germany. Most families go to church, have get togethers, eat a large Christmas goose and celebrate. And actually, Christmas Eve is the day when Germans put up their trees. This is one that I do not think I could adapt because I love having a tree and looking at it all December long. For our Christmas Eve, we spent all day in our matching penguin pajamas watching holiday movies. It was perfect!

Christmas Day, we woke up, made some homemade cappuccinos, took a family picture and opened some presents.

dogs of christmas


She will do anything for treats. Doesn’t she look like an old man wearing an undershirt with chest hair sticking out? So darn cute. And those gifts under the tree are what a “we aren’t doing gifts” Christmas looks like for my family. When my parents came to visit, they brought all of these. Vinn and I each exchanged gifts, as well.


happy holidays


This is the best we could get with the self-timer on my camera and some treats sitting on the tv stand. But, these pajamas are so darn cute! They are a little big, so comfy. We basically spent all weekend in them.

After opening presents, we ate a breakfast of lemon ricotta pancakes, bacon and more coffee.

We watched a few more movies and then it was time for dinner, which was homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs. And O.M.G. was it delicious! It was the first time I made meatballs since moving to Germany and I was nervous about they would turn out, but they turned out great! We’ll have leftovers for several days, which is awesome. It was so nice to have a nice meal with some wine and to reflect on the year. We also talked about our travel plans in the new year, which makes me really excited.

I would say that our first Christmas in Germany was a super success. Even though it was only the two of us, it was so nice to start some new traditions, like watching critically acclaimed movies, and celebrate as our family.

How was your holiday?


  1. Eifel Mausi | 26th Dec 16

    And the tree can’t come down any earlier than January 6th! My husband was adamant that I not take our tree down on New Year’s Day. It’s a VERY strongly held German tradition not to take the tree down until Epiphany (the day the wise men reached the manger).

    • Jessica | 27th Dec 16

      Ah, good to know! Now I have a date to take down the tree.

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