A Week of Spending in Germany

I have been reading Refinery29 a lot lately. One of my favorite series that they post is Money Matters. They talk about the taboo subject of money among women and share what a week of spending looks like for different women in different countries and on different salaries.

I think it’s so interesting, so I thought I’d share a week of spending here in Germany. And, it was one of my June goals to track my spending to get a better idea of everything. So, it’s now September, and I’m finally starting to get a feel for it.

Note: I am not comfortable disclosing my salary online. Vinn and I have joint everything and don’t worry about splitting bills or anything since it all comes out of the same pot. 

spending in germany


Day One, Monday 

6:00 AM: Off to the gym. I was tempted to sleep in, but thankfully, Vinn (kindly) forced me to get up! He said, “You’ll be happy you did it once it’s over.” Ugh, I hate when he’s right.
7:45 AM: Get ready to teach my first online English class of the day and make my first cup of coffee for the day. 0€
9:45 AM: After teaching two classes and right before my German lesson, I am in dire need of another cup of coffee. 0€
11:30 AM: Lunch time. An apple, blueberries and turkey. I’m trying to cut out dairy, so no cheese today. I went to the grocery store on Saturday, so I already had these fixing’ on hand. 0€
1:00 PM: Take a walk with Copley downtown to pick up face wash and a dark spot skin corrector. There’s an upscale drugstore downtown that sells Clinque! Score. 114€
2:45 PM: Still hungry. Make quinoa with veggies and olive oil. 0€
6:00 PM: The day’s over, time for sparkling rose from a bottle I got at the store on Saturday. 0€
8:00 PM: Have Mexican Monday, complete with homemade taco seasoning, chips and guac and meat. Everything bought on Saturday. 0€

Day Two, Tuesday

8:00 AM: Today I work at my part-time marketing job. I make coffee at home and bring blueberries for breakfast 0€
11:00 AM: Our office has fresh fruit delivered every day, so I grab a peach 0€
12:30 PM: Head over with my department to the canteen (German for cafeteria). This is pretty much the only option for lunch. Sometimes the food is great, sometimes it’s not. Everything is subsidized, so it’s relatively inexpensive. Today I have, a small salad and a side of rice. 1.55€
4:00 PM: Arrive home from the office. I work 6 hours twice a week. I’m starving so I make a smoothie with almond milk, spinach, strawberries, a banana and chocolate protein powder. 0€
5:00 PM: Still hungry. A bowl of Frosted Flakes. 0€
7:00 PM: Make dinner at home. Tonight is salmon and green beans with a side of sparkling rose. (Man going to the grocery store on Saturdays really helps me not eat out during the week). 0€

Day Three, Wednesday

6:30 AM: Gym time.
8:00 AM: Make a cup of coffee and sit down to prepare for my first English class of the day. 0€
12:00 PM: Have a turkey and tortilla roll-up. This no cheese thing is annoying. I could really use some cheese right about now! 0€
3:00 PM: Finish teaching for the day. Sit on the couch, snuggle with Copley and read.
5:00 PM: Take the bus to meet a friend for drinks and snacks. I have two Hugos and bruschetta. 2.40€ for the bus and 20€ at the restaurant.
8:00 PM: Come home and deep dive into travel planning. We are going to London at the end of October and I really want to go see a play. I find Book of Mormon is playing and jump at the change to see it! 104€ for tickets.

Day Four, Thursday 

8:00 AM: Another day at the office. I make coffee at home and bring breakfast. 0€
12:30 PM: There aren’t many options for lunch today, so I eat a sausage link, green beans and some fries. I have a lemon iced tea to drink. 5.35€
4:00 PM: Get home and immediately take Copley for a walk. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.
7:00 PM: Vinn gets home from work. We eat pasta (zucchini noodles for me) with meat sauce for dinner. It is delicious. 0€

Day Five, Friday 

6:00 AM: Gym visit. It’s only open early Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I make it a point to go before work on those days. It’s 65€ a month, but it’s paid in the middle of the month, so that’s already been paid.
9:00 AM: After taking Copley for a walk, I sit at my computer and start teaching for the day. I have about 2 cups of coffee and it’s delicious and much needed. 0 €
11:30 PM: I’m starving and have way too much peanut butter with an apple. I pretty much use the apple as the vessel to eat way more than one serving of peanut butter. 0 €
6:00 PM: After a very productive day of teaching, reading and writing, Vinn and I go out to a new wine bar that just opened. They have a great outdoor seating area. We drink two glasses each. 19€
7:30 PM: The wine bar only has snacks, one of which is a cheese plate (which I can’t eat), so we head to a favorite Irish pub. We eat too much fried food. 28€

Day Six, Saturday 

8:30 AM: Regret eating all that fried food. Pretty much spend all day on the couch, taking naps and watching How I Met Your Mother. The day does not suck.
5:00 PM: We haven’t left the apartment all day. We get in the car and grab Burger King for dinner. Thanks, PMS. 11€

Day Seven, Sunday 

7:00 AM: Feel extremely well-rested thanks to the lazy day yesterday. I take Copley for a walk and then make eggs and coffee for breakfast. 0€
11:30 AM: Nothing is really open on Sunday, so no grocery shopping today. I make chicken, rice and red peppers for lunch. It’s at least semi-nutritious. 0€
5:00 PM: The fridge is looking a little slim. I need to go to the store tomorrow. So, we grab Chinese food. Delicious. 19€

So, that was my week. I wouldn’t call this a standard week because I bought expensive skin care that I won’t need to buy for a really long time and Broadway tickets for a trip. Here’s the breakdown:

Grand Total: 324.30€ 

Travel/Entertainment: 104€
Dining Out: 103.90€
Beauty/Health: 114€
Transportation: 2.40€

I’m definitely happy with this spending. I am pleased with the balance of eating out and cooking at home. I don’t want to waste food and I want to be able to enjoy the many amazing restaurants we have at our disposal. Life and spending is all about balance, right? You can splurge, but just balance that expensive part (hello, tickets) with having lunch at home when I work from home!

Do you track your spending? What is the last thing that you bought that was a splurge?

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