A Weekend in Venice

Venezia. The city of 117 islands, 430 bridges, the floating city, the place you go for gorgeous views, a gondola ride and amazing pasta.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username: jessicawrig), you already know that this past Friday to late Monday, Vinn and I traveled to Venice, Italy. We were actually celebrating my birthday, from June. All I wanted for my birthday was for Vinn to plan a trip for us. Since I’m usually the one planning our trips, I really enjoyed taking the backseat this time. And, I will say, this far exceeded my expectations.

We didn’t do too much research before hand and just went with a game plan of things we wanted to accomplish. It’s the best way to travel, no itinerary, but a general idea of things to do. Here’s what our romantic weekend in Venice looked like! Warning: photo overload.

venice italy

Our flight didn’t land until late Friday night. We bought our water taxi tickets at the airport and took it straight to our AirBnB. We stayed about 10 minutes from San Marco and it was the perfect location. It was right by everything, but still quiet. The owner even met us at the taxi stop at almost 1 AM to show us to the apartment. Thank goodness because we never would have found it in the dark! For reference, here’s the link to our AirBnB. I highly recommend this place. (If you’re looking into an AirBnB, use this referral link and you can receive a discount on your next qualifying stay.)

Day one started as all morning should, with a cappuccino, apricot croissant and the Bridge of Sighs.

venice italy

We saw all of these people taking pictures there and turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see this famous bridge. The bridge connects the New Prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge Palace. The view from the bridge would be the last view prisoners would see before going to jail and it is reported that the prisoners would sigh at the beauty of Venice as they walked. Incredible.

After breakfast we walked to San Marco to look at the gorgeous square. And then, we checked something off my bucket list: we rode a gondola!!


It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was so relaxing to just sit in a boat for 40 minutes, taking in the beauty of Venice and learning some history from our driver. No, he did not sing, by the way. The views of San Marco from the gondola are some of my favorites. And we went under the Bridge of Sighs and kissed. Rumor has it that those who kiss under the bridge have a life of love and prosperity. Here’s hoping!


Then we went to the Rialto Bridge. Another gorgeous spot. It is crazy packed with people and we didn’t really get a great picture on the bridge, but we just looked at it from below. Just look at it.


We then stopped by Harry’s Bar for the most delicious (and most expensive) bellini I’ve ever had in my life. If you ever go to Venice, you must go to Harry’s Bar. It is super small and full of wood paneling, wood chairs and wood tables. Harry Cipriani founded the bar in the late 1930’s because he wanted a place for aristocrats to be able to get away. Ernest Hemingway frequented the bar when he would visit Venice. The history is just amazing. And the bellini is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Be careful, it goes down super easy.

For dinner our first night we went to a favorite from when I studied abroad 8 years ago: La Zucca. I would dream of that pasta and we were lucky enough to get a reservation there late Saturday night. And boy, did it not disappoint! I ordered the same thing I did the first time (tagietelle with fresh ricotta) and, while different than the first time, was still incredible!

venice pasta

Day two started with yet another cappuccino, walking around San Marco and a visit to the top of the Campanile. The views from the top of the tower were absolutely stunning. The color of the water is so unique.

venice italy

Note the woman taking selfies. I am going to try my hand at Photoshop before we print this picture!


san marco

We then bought a one day water bus pass and visited the islands Salute, San Giorgio and Murano. Salute is gorgeous and you get some amazing views of San Marco. And we ate some delicious pizza there. Murano is great and worth a visit. We didn’t see a glass blower but we did walk away with Murano glass wine stopper, a Christmas ornament and a Christmas panda! I can’t wait for the holidays to display them proudly.


We played around around with the self timer on the camera for some cool shots.


venice canals

venice murano glass

We enjoyed a great caprese salad on Murano and then came back to Venice to have dinner. We split a bottle of wine (admittedly our second bottle of the day), ate some delicious carbonara and bolognese and played a game where Vinn gave me a situation and I related it to Friends episode. Kind of like how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding the dad can take any word and make it Greek. I can do that with Friends. It was hilarious!

Our final day we just walked around, ate pizza and enjoyed the sunshine.




This tip was certainly a trip of a lifetime. We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back. Check back tomorrow and I’ll be sharing a packing and to-do list. ‘Til next time, Venezia.


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