Apartment To-Do List

I, Jess, love to-do lists. I usually have 3 or 4 of them running at a time and thanks to my cute planner, I can keep it all in one place. For our apartment, an online to-do list seems like the best option because a) I can’t lose it and b) I want to share the progress as we go because I think it’s interesting and fun!

A la Young House Love, here is the current big ‘ol to-do list for our Germany apartment. I’m sure I will change my mind a handful of times, especially as we continue to live in the place and figure out what need really do need, but here’s the list as it stands now, most of which involves buying things!!

The Hallway


  • Buy and install pendant lights for the hallway
  • Buy and assemble hallway table
  • Find a nice, long rug
  • Create gallery wall over hallway table
  • Buy coat and shoe rack
  • Figure out what to do with the hallway closets

The Kitchen 


  • Purchase remaining small appliances: coffee maker, Nespresso machine, microwave, toaster
  • Get kitchen mat
  • Buy small table and chairs for the opposite corner
  • Install floating shelves
  • Decorate shelves

The Dining Room/Office/Bar/Clothes Storage


  • Clearly define each space…this is going to be the hardest part!
  • Assemble dining room table and chairs (we ordered them already!)
  • Buy dining chair cushions
  • Buy rug for dining room area
  • Buy bar
  • Paint desk
  • Get a cute pillow for the desk chair
  • Buy dresser
  • Get a nice mirror to hang over the dresser
  • Buy some kind of chandelier

The Living Room 


  • Buy overhead light
  • Buy TV stand
  • Figure out rug
  • Design a reading nook (we already have the chair on order, but that’s it)
  • Buy new coffee table
  • Display photos
  • Buy pillows for couch and chair
  • Get ottoman for chair in the reading nook
  • Assemble couch (also on order and will be delivered next week!)

The Balcony


  • Research outdoor LED lights (there are no outlets on the outside of the house and we want to be able to see when we’re outside at night)
  • Find furniture that is both functional and comfortable; the space is really narrow so this is harder than originally thought
  • Maybe get an outdoor rug?
  • Get a grill?

The Bedroom


  • Assemble my new nightstand
  • Display jewelry on nightstand
  • Organize all of our clothes, which is going to be no easy feat!
  • Get Copley stairs so she can climb on the bed (?!)
  • Paint dresser?
  • Buy pendant light

The Bathrooms


  • Buy hanging lights, one per bathroom
  • Buy mirror for full bath
  • Figure out storage solutions
  • Buy bath mats
  • Research cute things to do with the tub when it’s not in use…which will be all the time


  • Decide if we need a wardrobe for coats that can go in the hallway
  • Buy drying racks
  • I still need a European straightener…crucial, but random

That’s all I can think of at this very moment. It’s a lot to buy, assemble and arrange, but I know it will come together nicely. Of course, I’ll share progress updates along the way!


  1. Lucy | 12th Apr 16

    Hell yeah for to do lists! It’s gonna be awesome seeing how you guys transform this new place into your home 😊. I’m a huge Young House Love fan and even though they’re still around a bit I miss the days of yore!

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