Apartment Update {1.5 Weeks}

Wow, we have been in our apartment for just over two weeks now. That is insane. In a way it seems like no time has passed and in another way like we’ve always lived here.

We did a lot of work for the apartment this past weekend and I went to IKEA three times last week. THREE TIMES! Hubby and I went together on Friday night, like all married couples do on a Friday night, to get another wardrobe for all of my clothes and the scene was grim. We bought a great wardrobe but then trying  to get it into the car….yikes.

But, anyway, I wanted to share pictures of what our place looked like at the beginning of last week and then tomorrow I’ll show you what it looks like now thanks to the hard work of Hubby. He puts together all the furniture and I fill/organize everything. It’s probably not a fair trade but I do not have the patience to assemble IKEA furniture. There would be many more curse words and broken IKEA pieces if I did it.

Okay, drum roll please:



Oh the kitchen. It is the most “completed” room because it is the one that needs to function the most. Here it is from last week. Can you tell I had just finished cooking breakfast? Those boxes on the left are full of paper and will be gone soon…I hope.



Our fridge isn’t magnetized, so our oven has to serve as the lace to showcase our 26.2 marathon magnet and my Sex and the City magnet because, obvi.



Oh, the dining room. We have our table, which I love, and still need to get a table cloth or something for it to bring some color to the room. This room did have a transformation, though. The desk is together and can be used and Hubby’s bar is all set up and getting some action!



I love this desk set up. Eventually I will organize it a little better, but for now, I just love that I can use it!

Oh, the bar. Hubby’s biggest request! Here’s how it looks right now, but I’ll probably move things around as the quantity of alcohol bottles increases! 🙂



The living room looks basically the same. There’s too many boxes and not enough pictures hanging. But, we’ll get there. Hi, Copley!


Here’s the full bathroom. It looks great! We have the new under the sink storage and the bookcase. I really like it. I love the organization that’s going to come with it!! At some point. We still need a mirror…



And the bedroom. It looks the same. Ugh.


All in all, we are making progress. And pretty quick progress, if I do say so myself. The house is starting to feel like a home and the way the place looks after this weekend is night and day!

Check back tomorrow to see the difference!

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