Apartment Updates {2.5 Weeks}

Yesterday, I shared the updates to our apartment before this past weekend. And this weekend we did a lot!! Hubby more than me. Side Note: my mom texted me yesterday to say that she thinks me referring to my husband as, “Hubby,” all the time might be a little much. So, pondering that. Dully noted, Mom. 

We’ve now been in our apartment 2.5 weeks (!) and I must say a lot has changed. And, it’s come together pretty quickly, especially considering our trip to Salzburg took 4 of those days.

So, here is how our apartment looks today. It’s not our entire apartment because several rooms look the same. So these are the updates.



New light installed in the bathroom hallway. Our temporary light was hanging way too low and anytime we opened the bathroom door, it would hit the light. This was the first light we installed. And by we, I mean our friend and Hubby…new nickname or his real name to be determined.



I organized the bookshelf in the full bathroom…sorta. I don’t think I’ll always have one washcloth on the bottom shelf! But it’s a start. And I love the daisies, aren’t daisies just the happiest flower?




New kitchen light. Are you sensing a theme? It’s bright enough during the day and somewhat bright enough at night. I guess it’s a common problem in Germany. Because of the laws regarding LED lights and electricity, none of the lights are super bright. We might install some lights under the cabinets.



Dining room light. And precious puppy pic! Again, this light isn’t super bright, but I love the way it bounces light throughout the room. We are going to put the exact light in our bedroom, too. Tulips to brighten up the room, too. I hope to always have fresh flowers everywhere!



And the biggest piece from the weekend: new wardrobes! These are in the dining room, I know weird, but there isn’t enough hanging space in our wardrobes in the bedroom…for me. It’s literally all my clothes on the right hand side and then the left side stores our long coats. I don’t hate it. It’s necessary. We’ll see when the room is completely finished how it looks.



And last but not least, the biggest HEADACHE to assemble, our shoe rack. I really like it and that it will serve as a place for our work bags/purses when we walk in the door. A coat rack is going to hang above this eventually.

Well, there you have it! A busy weekend of assembling and organizing. We still have way too many boxes and nothing hung on the walls or pillows for the couch, but we’re getting there!!

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