Apartment Wish List

We still don’t have an apartment and zero appointments on the horizon to see any. It is frustrating, annoying and if I think about it for more than 3 minutes, my eyes start welling.

I know the rental market is tough and competitive. I know our budget isn’t huge, but should give us a decent apartment. I know having a dog makes this process even harder. But, you know what, FIND ME AN APARTMENT!

I don’t think our expectations are too high. Although, 3 years is the longest time I will spend in one place since leaving my parent’s house for college. That’s crazy. I want it to be nice, a haven and European.



Here’s our apartment wish list for Germany:

Close to a city centre. 

Vinn and I both love city life. We love being able to walk to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, etc. I’d love to be able to take Copley for a walk, grab a cappuccino at a cafe with Vinn and then pop into a store having a sale all within a 10 minute walk of our apartment. Even if we were able to walk to one restaurant or one cafe, I’d take that at this point!

Under budget. 

Usually a given, but this is a necessity this time. We have an allotted housing stipend and I do not want to go over it. With my job uncertainty, we need to be smart with our money. I’m willing to compromise the size of our apartment in order to meet our budget and location requirements.

Dog friendly. 



No explanation needed.

At least 2 rooms. 

Germany calculates their housing rooms not by bedrooms but in total rooms. A 2 room apartment would most likely have a kitchen, living room, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom do not count as a room. Ideally, we’d have 3 rooms so the second bedroom could be an office/closet/guest bedroom. But, again, I’m willing to have one bedroom in order to be where we want to be.

Washer and dryer hookups. 

Again, a given. I don’t think I can live without the dryer! If the washer and dryer are in a separate room in the basement, that’s okay. I just want my own and not communal.

THAT’S IT! I don’t care what floor, if the kitchen is updated, if there are 2 sinks in the bathroom. I just really want a flat that is in the right location for the right price! And apparently, this is what everyone in the Stuttgart area wants, as well. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll have some good news of apartment viewings/lease signings in the very near future. This one room hotel is going to get old quick!



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