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I have to be honest, I like a clean house. I don’t like when the curtains are drawn and you can see dust. I don’t like have dirty counter tops. And I really hate if the bed isn’t made.

Over the years, I used to save all the cleaning for Sunday. It wasn’t that big of a deal because it was just me and I spent the majority of my time at home asleep. Sundays were reserved for vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom. I would do laundry on Sundays, too, but just like everyone else in my Chicago apartment building.

Since moving to Michigan and living with Hubby, I’ve change my habits. I do some things every single day and it makes our house (well, apartment) much more organized and ready for impromptu guests.

Here’s a list of chores I do daily to keep a clean house:

Make the bed.


I’m that person who can’t focus if my bed isn’t made. For real. It’s a small thing but makes such a big impact on the day ahead. Man, our bedroom doesn’t look that happy, does it? Although the picture hanging above is a collection of pictures from the proposal. And a wedding picture on my night stand certainly makes me happy!

Wipe down the counters in the kitchen and bathroom.


I wash down the counters in the kitchen basically after every meal. Having a clean kitchen helps diminish my anxiety about how small it is. If the kitchen is dirty, I think it draws attention to the fact that it is small. Same thing in the bathroom. I don’t like having toothpaste in the sink, product spills on the counters or dust anywhere. I usually wash down the counters as I brush my teeth. It makes cleaning the bathroom much less annoying when it’s not done all at once. Also, this Scrubbing Bubbles with bleach is the best thing ever! I know bleach isn’t the best thing, but it cleans our apartment shower amazingly!

Put dog toys away.


Just a girl and her toys.


Every night before bed, I put all of Copley’s toys away her bin. I don’t like waking up to toys everywhere. It takes a solid 4 seconds but makes such a big difference. It is pretty incredible how many toys a 6 pound puppy has. She knocks over her bin every day to get to her toys.

Her toys live on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf in our “entry way.” The same shelf holds all my cookbooks and our wedding album. The toy bin I got at Target a few months ago, same with the pineapple. I love pineapples.

Dust something.

I hate dust. I hate looking it, I hate that I’m allergic to it, I just hate it. Every day I dust something. It’s either the book shelves, the end tables, the coffee table or the dressers. I dust, dust, dust. It’s super easy thanks to the Swiffer Duster. A little bit goes a long way.

That’s pretty much it! By doing a little bit each day, I feel our home is always clean and orderly. A clean space is a clean mind. And then it leaves cleaning the shower and the toilet and vacuuming for a weekly activity.

How do you keep your house clean? Am I the only crazy one?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 19th May 15

    Before I had kids, I was a CLEAN FREAK. But I’ve learned there is only so much time in every day, and I’d rather spend quality time with my family vs. cleaning and vacuuming. I do try and always keep my kitchen CLEAN, and my main floor dusted and vacuumed. The basement and upstairs bedrooms usually just once a week get cleaned. I never make my bed during the week because I am the first one to leave and the hubby and dog are snuggled up when I leave for work, LOL!

    • Jessica Howard | 19th May 15

      I definitely consider cleaning once a week as being super clean. You rock! I have a feeling when kiddos come, I’ll have to change my ways.

      • Movin' it with Michelle | 19th May 15

        I am envious of your perfectly clean bedroom…that is the LAST room I clean as NO ONE sees it but the hubby and me! LOL

        • Jessica Howard | 20th May 15

          Ha! Don’t be fooled, the other side has clothes on the floor, our dresses that’s full of my bracelets and watches and the drying rack with more clothes than it can hold! Oh the power of a picture 😉

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