Attitude is Everything

Well, hello there. Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by today…and everyday. How was your weekend? This weekend for me consisted for some much-needed quality time with Vinn and our puppy girl. I spent time at the gym, read my book, we went to play tennis, I cleaned the entire apartment, watched movies, made some yummy meals and had a friend over last night.

It was the perfect combination of productive, relaxing, and thought provoking. I spent some time really thinking about how I want to spend my time here in Germany. I know I’ve written about this before but I feel like I’m in a much better headspace now to really start making some decisions.

I was certainly feeling down after coming back from our amazing trip to Maine, but I decided it’s time to change my attitude about our life here and to not focus on the negatives, but to focus on the positives. Attitude and perspective are everything!


A gorgeous picture from Maine certainly doesn’t make things worse, either. 

I’m just going to word-vomit what I’ve been thinking lately. Honestly, writing helps me process what’s going through my mind and gives me perspective on how to move forward. So, here we go, word-vomit, not actual vomit.

Why did I decide to work in teaching?  I felt overwhelmed last week after looking at my teaching schedule. I started feeling like I jumped the gun on accepting the position. In May, I was nervous a real marketing job wouldn’t come to fruition and I needed something to do and wanted to have money to spend freely, so I started looking into English teaching job. And I just started accepting classes…and I think I accepted too many. I felt down and fell like I couldn’t really get anything done. Well, I took the time this weekend to organize my classes in my new Google Calendar App and it helped me 100,000,000%. I’m actually only working about 10 – 12 hours per week, which is nothing. And I had a class this morning that went so well and I’m starting to get the hang of this teaching thing. It’s harder than I thought. Changing my perspective and my attitude about my teaching schedule made me realize that I do really enjoy teaching and it’s not that much work. I still have time to go to the gym, take Copley for a walk and write. Bonus: I get paid!

Why don’t I have any friends? Number one, it’s only been 5 months. I put a lot of pressure on myself in every facet of life to be the best and to get things done. And it’s no different when it comes to having friends. But, when I stepped back and really thought about it, there are a handful of people I can say I consider a friend. I went out with a friend last week and it was wonderful. We invited a friend over yesterday and we had a great time. She and I are going to take a Bodypump class on Wednesday because we go to the same gym! By changing my attitude to focus on the friends I do have versus the quantity of friends I don’t have, I realized that I need to take the steps to hang out with people. Just do things.

Why haven’t I written my book yet? Again, so much pressure on myself. I had high dreams of finishing my book while we’re in Germany and I haven’t really started. Well, I started this weekend. I just started writing. I changed my attitude of thinking I had to have all of my characters and storylines figured out before I actually started writing to just writing! Everything else will fall into place. I want to just get my ideas on paper and then I’ll figure out the flow and everything.

I feel so much better today. I literally feel like a new person. I have taught a class, had my German lesson, took Copley for a walk and have written this post. And it’s only noon! I need (and want) to focus on the positives of life…there’s always room for the good things in life, right? Especially gelato!

So now, I ask you, how do you change your attitude to make yourself feel better?


  1. Kim Reynolds | 27th Jun 16

    I joined Uncle Scott in retirement. I worked my last day of work last Monday the 20th of June. Today I hit the gym, heading home for breakfast, paying bills and reading the paper. Then I meet up with Scott for an afternoon of what ever we decide to do. Usually a drive and pick up something we need. I change my location usually to change my mood. Some planning still for Cousin Abe’s wedding this Sunday July 3rd to his high school sweetheart Ashley! They are so grateful Vinn to your Dad and Mom for putting them up when the traveled to Wausau to see relatives a couple weeks ago!

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