Avoiding Negative Town

This week has been brutal. There’s no other way to say it. I feel like I’m getting a cold. I’ve woken up the past 2 days with a sore throat and today I feel pretty congested. Work has been crazy. There’s so many projects and not enough people.

Tuesday morning I found myself going to Negative Town. I was driving my car 80 mph and taking the Negative Town exit at full speed.

And it is nothing like this:


Am I the only one who watched Richard Scarry’s Busytown?

My Negative Town looks a little something like this:


GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP! YOU’RE CRAZY!! (To be clear, I am Bethenny, not KKB).

I consider myself a glass half full kind of person, but when I get frustrated or overwhelmed, I can quickly take go to bad place. I don’t love that I’m like this and admitting I have a problem is the first step, right?

The feelings I have vary based on the why. For example, when I stepped on the scale today and saw that it was essentially the same as last week, I went to Negative Town. I’m not good enough. Why haven’t I lost any weight? It’s probably because you ate that cookie 2 nights ago, fatty. You’re never allowed to eat carbs again.

These thoughts aren’t good thoughts. I should focus on the positive: my pants fit better and my stomach is flatter. (I understand that I am crazy, but I think sharing my crazy will help me and help others who are in my same boat. I can’t be the only one?!?!)

And it happens at work, too. Why didn’t so and so do his/her work? Why is it so difficult to get anything done? I hate it here. When can I stop working? Why do I care so much? This executive is making the worst decision ever. How did he/she get to be at such a high level?

These aren’t as negative as usual but I made a “blog rule” not to use the F-word.

As a Type A, OCD personality, I like things to go my way and without any issues. Well, I’m learning that life doesn’t care if you’re Type A, Type B or Type Avator. Shit is going to happen.

Today I am going to stay positive!  I’m going to roll with the punches and keep making these hills my bitch!

Do you go to Negative Town? What does it look like? How do you come back to the positive?

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