Bad Weather = Zero Work Outs

We’ve had some pretty awful weather in Detroit this week. Remember our adult snow day?!

It started snowing late Saturday night and ever since then I’ve noticed my mood and productivity deplete. Pretty much to the point of wanting to stay in my pjs all day snuggling with Copley.

I mean, look at this weather!!



Hubby and I managed to wake up for out 4:50 AM alarm yesterday and I fit in a cross-training work out. But today. Today was a different story!

The alarm went off per usual but the motivation to get up wasn’t there. It didn’t help the cause that Copley slept all up in my grill and under the blankets. She was completely pressed against my chest and I was almost hanging off the bed. She is just too cute that I didn’t want to move her and sacrificed my own sleep for her sleep.  #spoileddog

According to my Jawbone APP, I still got 9 hours of sleep.


I guess I was pretty tired last night since I fell asleep in 4 minutes. That NEVER happens. I still woke up 3 times, which isn’t awesome. One was to turn off the TV and 2 others were to readjust to get comfy.

I’ve noticed that my energy level is much lower today then yesterday. It’s 3 ‘o clock and I’m about to go running through the office searching for chocolate. I think I’ll drink water and/or coffee instead. I need a pick me up. I’m dying. I can definitely attribute my lack of energy to not working out this morning. I just don’t want to do it. What is it about winter that makes me feel this way? I need some sunshine STAT!

It’s started snowing again, I’m dreading going home and I hate it here. I hope this is my last winter. That’s it. I’m moving South!



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