Being a 1 Car Family

We currently only have one car. It’s a nice rental car, a Volvo SUV, but it’s not our car. It takes 60 euros to fill up the diesel tank. It’s too big to drive in a city and awful for parking.

On Saturday, we are going to go to a car dealership to look at options for us to purchase/lease. We are only in the market for one car…on purpose. Here’s why:



Save money.

Of course, the number one reason we want to only have one car is to save money. With my job still not finalized, it is the smartest thing to only have one car. Our plan is to be in a city area, so if I’m not working, I’ll be able to walk to the majority of places I’ll need to go.

By saving money in this area, we’ll be able to spend that extra 300 – 400 euro a month to travel, go out to eat or shopping or all of the above! There are so many better uses of money during the next 3 years than having 2 cars.

Spend more time together.

If and when I do get a job, the odds of it being in the building next to Hubby’s are good. If I’m close, we’ll carpool together. This will bring new challenges, of course, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Our commute currently is only 20 minutes and having the time to prepare for the day together and then unwind at the end of the day is so nice. Some days we sit in silence, some days most days I fall asleep, some days we listen to Serial. Coordinating a time to leave that works for both of us is annoying.

But, we get to talk about dinner on our ride home and Hubby really appreciates me doing that as opposed to the 11 AM emails I used to send.

Who knows, maybe I will get a high-paying job far away and we’ll need a second car. But, for now, we are committed to our one car family plan.

Have you ever been a one car family? How do you save money for what want?



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