Best Shows to Watch with your Significant Other

Let’s face it, television is a great way to unwind after a long day at the office and to just let your mind go blank. I’ve talked about my love of all things Housewives but not too much about the shows Vinn and I watch together.

We both want to be those people who don’t watch tv all day (as shown from my post on Monday about how I didn’t watch tv all day). But, of course, there are days when we just veg on the couch and watch tv. We’ve done this since college when we would binge watch Law and Order: SVU on Sundays on USA instead of studying.

I was listening to The Paper Year podcast and they were talking with another couple about how both couples were obsessed with Deadwood. It got me thinking about the best shows to watch with your husband/wife/roommate/significant other.

Here are the shows that we love to watch together.

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30 Rock – we got addicted to this show thanks to Netflix a few years ago. We would watch two to three episodes every night in bed before falling asleep. They are only 23 minutes, which is perfect for binge watching a bunch of shows in a row. Now that we live in Germany, our Netflix doesn’t have 30 Rock, but don’t worry, we have it on DVD and still watch it before bed!

House of Cards – This was our weekend show. We would watch this on Saturday mornings from bed or on Sundays. And just like a bunch of other couples, we would finish watching an episode and couldn’t NOT watch the next episode. Unfortunately, season 4 is not available on German Netflix yet, so, please, NO SPOILERS!

Law & Order: SVU – as I mentioned above, the bong-bong intro music could be heard down the hallway all day on Sundays during college. We would wait until there was a commercial to run to the pizza place downstairs so we wouldn’t miss anything. Once we started living together, this show become another Sunday favorite, especially when it was raining. “Okay, one more,” is what you would hear every 45 minutes for HOURS! And Olivia with the short hair, not our fav.

Friends – my all time favorite show. I’ve seen every episode probably 30 times and they don’t get old. This is the show that would always be on in the background, since we don’t really need to pay close attention to it. I miss it…another show that’s not available in Germany.

How I Met Your Mother – Ah, a new addiction show. It’s taking a while to get into the show for me, but Vinn really likes it. There are definitely some funny lines and it’s great to watch after a long day to just veg and laugh. Barney is my favorite character so far.

House – I’ve mentioned our love for this show already, and we are almost done with the series. It’s got comedy, drama, romance and a little too much gore for me. We really like the crazy things House says I wouldn’t classify this as my favorite show, but it is certainly entertaining.

What shows do you watch with your husband/wife/friend/partner? 


  1. Cait | 22nd Jul 16

    You got us into 30 Rock! We haven’t watched much lately because we’ve been unpacking but I can’t wait to keep going. Also, highly recommend The West Wing for binge watching on Netflix.

    • | 23rd Jul 16

      Valid excuse to not watch! Ooh, The West Wing! I’ll have to see if it’s available on our Netflix. Thanks for the rec!

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