{Boring} Weekend Wrap-Up

I haven’t done a Weekend Wrap-Up for a long time. I don’t even think I can link to the other ones, they are so old. I feel the need to write about this weekend because it will help me. It’s probably not going to be very interesting to anyone else (except my mom. Hi Mom!), so if you want to skip it, I won’t hold it against you!

So, last week, Hubby worked 12 hours a day. It’s a very busy time for him and I feel so badly that he has to work so much. He even worked 7-7:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night, we vegged on the couch watching more Happy Endings and going to bed early.

Saturday was a true housewife experience. I woke up when Hubby left for work but then went back to sleep on the couch with Copley.



Then I went to Orangetheory at 10:30, where I had a killer workout. 20 splat points!! Then, I went to Michael’s for a special project and brought Hubby and his team lunch. Oh, and I dropped off even more donations to Goodwill.

I spent the rest of Saturday snuggling with the pup and then going out to dinner with our good friends. It was wonderful to see them because I’m not sure if we’ll see them again after we leave.

Sunday was another day on the couch, except for a 5K treadmill run and a trip to the grocery store.



I really want my 5K to be under 30 minutes. I’ll get there!!

And today was rough. There’s a lot to go through for our big move and I found out that there’s more we have to do to bring Copley…and we may have missed a deadline…

I don’t want to be negative on here, but I’m really annoyed, mad, sad and like we’re on our own. As a control freak, this is the hardest thing for me. I want to control everything and I can’t. Maybe that should be a New Year’s goal for me: learn to go with the flow.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 11th Jan 16

    Sounds like a great weekend! And great job on your run. Sending prayers your move goes smoothly.

    • Jessica | 12th Jan 16

      Thanks, Michelle! Prayers your way, too!

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