Bravo Obsession

Confession: I am completely obsessed with Bravo. And I mean OBSESSED! It’s to the point of seeking therapy, which I won’t do because I don’t really think I have a problem.

My main obsession is all things Real Housewives. I pretty much love every single city….although I stopped watching Atlanta because it got way too loud, but I think Nene Leakes is one of the best people ever. If I had to pick a favorite city, it would be a neck and neck race between New York and Orange County, with Beverly Hills taking the bronze.

I love Andy Cohen. I think he is a genius. I’ve read his first book, have his second book and follow him on Instagram. I think he can step up his game when it comes to reunions – but, hey, anyone who is BFF with Kelly Ripa is okay in my book.


I just love Ramona. I mean, she is absolutely crazy, but you can’t knock her for her business sense…and her dedication to all things pinot grigio. My favorite NYC episode has to be Scary Island. I own this season on DVD (I told you I was obsessed) and watch KKB lose her shit probably once a quarter.


And then there’s the fabulous Heather Dubrow. She brought the OC ladies up a notch. And anyone who loves her champs as I much as I do is sheer perfection in my book.

My obsession took a major hit about 9 months ago when Hubby and I decided to cut our cable back to the most basic option available. THERE’S NO MORE BRAVO! I huffed and puffed, but know that in the long run, it’s worth the monthly savings. And I’m talking real savings! We cut our bill in half.

Have no fear, though. I found a major loophole. I still have my DVDs….the first 2 seasons of BH (hello Dinner from Hell and Taylor losing her mind in Colorado), seasons 2 and 3 of NYC (when Bethenny left, I had a moment of silence in her honor) and some Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Ever After (I still mourn the divorce). And then…I found Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus signed some kind of document with Bravo and they are streaming the majority of all seasons and cities! The only downside is they don’t have the latest seasons and you have to watch commercials, but it gives me my fix. And watching Season 1 of New Jersey and the Communion episode never gets old.

I also purchased a few seasons from iTunes, including all the latest seasons of my favorite cities. I’m totally up-to-date on BH and have a crazy girl crush on Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump (always have). Did you watch Tuesday’s episode?! I was a fan of Brandi’s at the beginning, but now I’m not. She is bat shit crazy!! I don’t like that she pushed Kyle and Eileen’s house, totally uncalled for. I feel badly for Kim Richards and everything she’s going through. I wish everyone would leave Lisa Vanderpump alone – they’re just jealous of how fabulous she is! I’m looking at you Ms. Maloof. I can’t wait for the next episode!! Maybe I’ll start writing recaps…being snarky about housewives is fun!

Well, that was a crazy long post about something so trivial…

Do you have any obsessions or guilty pleasures you want to share?


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