Business Travel So Far

Whoa, these past 5 days have been a whirlwind. WHIRLWIND. I don’t have any other word to describe how the past few days have been.

Let me see, I’ve had a travel day that was over 11 hours. I’ve met my German colleagues after said travel day. I’ve attended a marketing forum with other associates from around the world. I’ve visited 3 German cities, including Oktoberfest and been getting over a cold. Have I mentioned that this has happened over the past 5 days?

Overall, this is what I’ve been doing/learning:


My boss and I travelled from our office to a small town called Ulm. It’s halfway between Stuttgart and Munich because I convinced my boss to visit Oktoberfest. I will do a complete post on Oktoberfest because it was cray of epic proportions.

The hardest part about business travel so far is the loneliness. I never really expected that. I’ve been to trade shows, been to Canada for work but nothing for more than a few days. This is the first time I’ve travelled to Europe for one thing and been going for over a week. It’s been really hard to get into a routine (is that possible?) and to feel productive. I’ve been in meetings, been running only once and purchased a cape! Word to the wise: capes are IN! Germany told me so!

Even though I’ve been with my boss the entire time, I still feel somewhat lonely. Any time I go somewhere, I always think of what Hubby would think of wherever I am. I think about how much more fun it would be to be with him. Even though I can have fun without him, obvi I love my girlfriends, it’s a totally different experience to be with co-workers. There’s been some downtime and I’ve spent it either running or Facetime-ing with Hubby or my mom .

I’m interested to see what this next week holds because there will be a lot of meetings, dinners out and working. I’m hoping I can exercise in the mornings, but who knows!

This post has been extremely long and probably doesn’t make any sense, but, hey, it’s a post, right?

How has your weekend been? Have you travelled internationally fo work? How is it for you?


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