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I’ve been reading Career Contessa for a few months now. It’s a great web site that’s all about having honest conversations between women about work and life. There’s a wide variety of articles – like interviews with great working women, top city information and lifestyle articles.

I reached out to them to be a contributor, as well because I love to write and wanted to expand my horizons.

I’m excited to announce that 2 of my articles are live!!

Article 1: How to Pair Wine at Your Next Dinner Party


This was a really fun article to write and definitely worth the “research.” Click the link above to read it!

Article 2: Back-to-back meetings? Here’s How to Show Up and Still Get Your Work Done.

This article came from my work experience and having to go to meeting and meeting and trying to figure out how to get my work done so I could leave the office in time to hang out with Hubby and Copley. This one was a little more difficult to write but was still really fun.

I’d love for you to read both articles and be sure to keep going to Career Contessa for even more honest conversations!

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