2018 Goals


The first week of 2018 is coming to a close and there’s no time like the present to share my goals for this new year. I didn’t really write goals per se last year and since this is my last year living in Germany, I definitely think it’s a good idea to think about what I want to accomplish.

I’ve always been a goal-oriented person. I would give myself a goal, like to run a half marathon, and then reward myself with a new pair of jeans. Rewards help me so much after I accomplish something! It pushes me to get it done. I’m not sure what my reward will be this year but I certainly have a few ideas. But before I put the cart before the horse, here are my goals for this year in two different categories, personal and professional/blog.

PERSONAL // On a personal level, there are so many things I want to accomplish. Within this category, I have goals for fitness, health, travel and growth.

Fitness is a huge part of my life and I’ve been kicking my workouts up a notch the last week. I love feeling strong and noticing my body changing thanks to all my handwork. My fitness goals for this year are:

  • Work out at least 5 days a week.
  • Finish the Berlin Half Marathon at my fastest pace or finish as a PR (personal record).
  • Add yoga and pilates to my routine.
  • Stretch after each work out.

Health is the most important thing in life, without there’s no life to live. 2018 is my year to be the healthiest version of myself. For me, this year will look like:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Start the day with Greek yogurt or a smoothie.
  • Make my snacks nutrient-rich.
  • Find and stick to a skin care routine.
  • Continue to take my vitamins.

Travel is of course a big part of my life. And this is the last year that it will be easy to travel throughout Europe. I have my bucket list for 2018 and hope to visit so many beautiful places. And that bucket list serves as my goals for this year.

Growth thinking will be part of my routine in the next year. I always strive to be the best version of myself and hope to continue to improve who I am and how I interact with everyone around me. This year, I want to focus on being the best wife, dog mama and friend I can be. I want to:

  • Read my devotional every morning.
  • Figure out a savings plan for a house down payment.
  • Read at least 12 books.
  • Journal more.
  • Speak more German in the office.

PROFESSIONAL // I think my ultimate dream is to be able to work for myself, but I’m not sure what that means. I’d love to write a book and maybe earn a small income from this blog so I can eventually work from home when we have babies. In order to get to that point, here are my professional goals for 2018:

  • Have 1,000 page views per month consistently. (I’m so close!!)
  • Create an expat highlight series.
  • Get back on Twitter.
  • Write at least half of my book.
  • Write consistently and quality content.

Now that I’ve written down all of these, it looks like a lot. A lot to work towards. But a year is a long time and I know this year will be full of fun, experiences and steps to make the best life. I’ll be doing some check-ins throughout the year to make sure I stay on top of everything. This will help me and I think it’s fun to share and kinda hold each other accountable!

What are your goals for 2018? 

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Reflecting on 2017

Happy New Year, Everyone! I can’t believe today is the first day of 2018. I’m currently in Nashville with my family and hope to see some high school friends who live here, too. I’ll be sharing our New Year’s Eve activities on Wednesday because boy were they fun!

But before we jump into the beginning of 2018, I thought I would reflect a little bit on 2017. The world was hit with terror attacks, a new US President and, later in the year, a movement around sexual harassment. There were certainly heavy aspects of 2017. Last week I shared the top posts of 2017 and thought I would share a more personal reflection on the year. I definitely want to look back on this time of life and remember what it was really like and what happened. It was a big year to say the least!

The beginning of 2017 was difficult. It was really hard to spend the holidays away from family and realizing that it had only been one year since our big move. I remember being sad at around January and February. The weather sucked, we didn’t have trips planned until the end of February and our next trip to the States in May seemed so far away.

I struggled with what to do with my life, career-wise. I was only working 12 hours a week at my marketing job until August and didn’t quit teaching English online until June. I went back and forth with wanting to work more and have more travel money vs. throwing more of my time into working on this blog. Ultimately, I ended up accepting more hours at my marketing job and writing in my spare time.

Speaking of the blog, I feel like I really found my stride in 2017. I started to focus on it, put in more effort (like limiting typos!) and developing a strategy for the future. I found a mentor (shout out to Blair!) who encouraged me to push myself and really believed in what I was trying to create. I’ve made many digital friends who have also started their blogging journey and love following along. I love documenting everything about life abroad, our travel adventures and the other great things in life, like reality tv and great books, with all of you and I hope you love reading.

2017 was also the year of babies. 6 of my friends gave birth and several others are due in 2018. I’m so excited for all of them as they embark on their new journeys as parents but it also got me thinking about timing for my little family. Nothing’s been decided and as my mom would say, “We plan and God laughs.”

And with birth also comes death. My Mima passed away in March and I miss her everyday.

Travel was a huge part of life this past year. We saw champagne be made, the bluest water in Nice and Croatia and drank our way through Italy. For a full list of our travel spots, check out the travel page!

With the end of the year here, one topic seems to jump out more than others: growth. I feel like I grew as a writer, a wife, dog mom, friend and traveler. I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, worked on having more patience and realizing that there’s no point in worrying or getting upset about things outside of my control and really starting to think about the future. This is our last year living in Germany and this is the year to make sure we see and do everything we want while we’re here. There’s still plenty to do, but I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 2018!!

How will you look back on 2017? 

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European Fall Bucket List


I haven’t shared goals or bucket lists for a really long time. The last one was in the spring and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t done all of the things on the list! I haven’t been to the Stuttgart TV Tower or visited the Ludwigsburg Palace, two of the things that I wanted to do two seasons ago. Oops. I guess all of our travel got in the way!

This fall, I want to set some goals and then actually do them. A shocking concept, I know, but one that is much easier said than done. We are halfway done with our time in Germany and we want to make sure we are using our time to the fullest. And fall in Europe is just perfection. It’s a great time to visit because the crowds are down, the weather is perfect for strolling and prices aren’t as expensive. So, here we go, my 2017 European fall bucket list!

Ludwigsburg Palace & Pumpkin Fest


Visiting the palace was on my list in the spring and I definitely want to make that happen before this year is over. There are 6 tours on Saturdays and Sundays in English, so there really is no excuse for not going.

And now that it’s fall, it’s time for the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival. We went last year and it was so much fun. It’s the world’s largest pumpkin festival and it’s right in our backyard, so cool. The theme of the pumpkins changes every year and this year the theme is Rome. Plus, we get to put Copley in her pumpkin costume. What’s not to love?

Stuttgart TV Tower

Adding this to the list again. Vinn and I love going to the top of anything when we’re traveling, so why not do it in our own city? The TV Tower provides great views of Stuttgart and there’s even a restaurant that serves brunch on Sunday. That would be fun to do one Sunday when we don’t have anything on the agenda.

Read 5 books

This is a lofty goal but I think I can do it. I want to finish reading the three remaining books from my summer reading list and then start a new fall list. I do love curling up in a blanket with a homemade latte (thanks, Nespresso!) and reading. And, of course, Copley is there, too.

Visit a vineyard

We are going to Tuscany for our anniversary at the end of October/beginning of November, so this will be an easy one to tackle. There’s something about a vineyard that makes me happy, probably because that’s where wine is made, but it’s deeper than that. I think I love the vines, that everyone who works at one seems to be so happy all the time and the foliage in the fall just can’t be beat. This should probably make the list every fall!

Take a family photo

I don’t necessarily think these need to be professional photos but it would be nice to have a more professional looking picture of our family. I love this weather and want to find a day where we can visit a park around the golden hour and snap a few pictures. Thanks to the self-timer on my camera, I think I’ll be able to do it!

What do you want to accomplish this fall?

European Fall Bucket List

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New Blogging Schedule


It’s Monday, the start of a new week and, for me, the start of a new blogging schedule. I have been doing a lot of thinking, behind the scenes working and discussing about where I want this blog to go, what I want to do with my life and what the future looks like. I talked about it a little bit in this post where I shared how I want to follow my passion. Now I am putting these thoughts into action!

I have signed up for a blogging course/mentorship program and am putting a lot more time and effort into following my dream. I have a plan in place to take this whole writing gig to the next level and am going to activate this plan one step at a time. My dad always says, “By the inch, it’s a synch. By the mile, it’s a trial.”

That being said, I have come to realize that quality is more important than quality. I haven’t really had a schedule for when I write, stuck to a timeline or anything remotely related to structure of any kind. I operate my best life when I am on a schedule, so why haven’t I transferred this over to my writing? Instead of just wondering, I’m giving myself a schedule.

I will now post a blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I love sitting down and reading blogs with a cup of coffee and I hope you all can do the same with mine! It’s such a great way to ease into the day.

Friday Favs will no longer be a weekly series, but now a monthly series. I’ve found that I struggle to post fun things every week that aren’t surrounded by travel or even worth noting. A lot can happen in a month and I think having favs every month will be much better from my side, as well as the your’s.

What will I write about? Many of the same things, really. I want to focus on topics surrounding expat life, German culture, our travel adventures, great recipes, things I’m loving and anything and everything fun along the way! I want Room for Gelato to be a place where we can share the joys of life and to focus on the positive.

Overall, I am really excited about the future and hope you will continue to follow along. And to always remember that life is better when you save room for gelato.

Is there anything specific you want to see here? Any topics about life abroad that seem interesting? 

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Spring To-Do List

2017 is really flying by, am I right? I can’t believe it. And the weather this week has been absolutely wonderful and is making me so happy for spring. It is incredible how much the weather can impact my mood and now that spring has officially sprung in Germany, I thought I’d share my spring to-do list.

I love to-do lists or goals because it gives me something to strive for and work towards. We are only living in Germany for two more years and there is so much to do and see. I don’t want to miss a thing!


Go to the top of the Stuttgart TV Tower. This tv tower is to Stuttgart what Big Ben is to London. I would love to go to the top of it and get a great view of our city.

Visit the Ludwigsburg Palace. Spring is in bloom here and the Ludwigsburg Palace goes all out with flowers and decorating. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. (If you get this movie reference, we are true friends.) If spring is anything like the pumpkin festival, we will be in for a treat.

Go to the Beauty and the Beast fountain. Easter weekend we are traveling to the Alsace, France region where the little city that is the inspiration for the movie’s town. And the only thing I want to do is go sit on a fountain, pretend to read a book and get a picture. It will be fabulous.

Make some new dinners. I’ve been in a cooking rut for the past few weeks and I can’t to get out of it! I’m going to scour my cookbooks and find some cooking inspiration. Time to get back to the kitchen.

Read some more books. I love reading and it’s part of my spring to-do’s to keep reading and to keep sharing what I’m reading.

Spend lots of time outside. Great weather is fleeting and I want to spend as much time outside as possible. Daily walks with Copley are a must and hopefully we can use our walks to explore some new cities.

Celebrate my best friend. My best friend’s wedding is the first week of May and I cannot wait to celebrate the most important day of her life. It’s the biggest to-do this season.

What are your to-do’s this spring?

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