November 2017 Favs


The end of November can only mean one thing: Christmas is right around the corner! Christmas is my favorite holiday by far and I am especially excited this year because we are going to Atlanta to celebrate for the inaugural Christmas in my parents’ new house. It has been a labor of love for them, it took over a year to build, and I just can’t wait to lounge in the screened-in porch and cook in the kitchen.

But before I get too excited, I want to share some of the things that made November fabulous, too, in this month’s favs post.

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The Morning Breath


So I am late to the game with this live, daily Facebook feed / podcast between sisters Claudia & Jackie Oshay where they talk about the top 5 entertainment news stories of the day, reality tv and sometimes have guests. You might know Claudia because she is girlwithnojob on Instagram and is absolutely hilarious. I love the banter these two sisters have, it reminds me of me and my sister actually. I have literally laughed out loud in each episode I’ve listened to.

I listen to the recorded podcast because I don’t like the idea of sitting and watching the Facebook feed. The girls are so quick witted and amazing at coming up with a movie or show reference without the drop of a hat.

Books I’ve Read

I’ve been really into reading lately and I’m officially a convert from watching TV to fall asleep to reading before bed, much to my husband’s chagrin. This past month I’ve read The Sunshine Sisters and Small Hours. Small Hours I will say was predictable and not that great. I was entertained but don’t think I would recommend it. But The Sunshine Sisters, I really liked. This book is about three sisters who have lost touch but come together after their mother reveals an illness. I could definitely tell what was going to happen next but was pleased with everything. I hope it becomes a movie.

I’m currently reading Crazy Rich Asians, which is the first of a triology. I shared the third book on my 7 books to read this summer only to realize that it was the third book when I went to read it! So far I really like it because it’s a story about very wealthy families from Singapore and how they are all intertwined. It’s fascinating to learn about how important image is in this culture and I’m excited to see where the story goes.

The Mentalist


I shared my love for this show in last month’s favorites but it is worth sharing again! We actually ended up finishing the series this month and I must say that if you haven’t watched it, stop what you’re doing and start! It’s a little bit like Law & Order: SVU in that it tells stories of crimes and you try desperately to find the right suspect but there’s more of a concrete story line. Season 6 is especially amazing! Each episode builds and builds and builds to the climax of the series and literally kept me on the edge of my seat. The final season wasn’t my favorite but it definitely ties up all the loose ends and makes you feel happy for all the characters you’ve grown to love while watching.

Apple TV

This may seem like a strange thing to mention but I absolutely love our Apple TV. Not only does it allow me to watch my beloved housewives thanks to iTunes but I also love that we can stream our photos as a screensaver. I love seeing our pictures from our travels as a slideshow and even let our Apple TV “sleep” just so I can see them. I also love that we are able to rent movies from iTunes. In fact, we just rented Wonder Woman this weekend and it was fantastic.

I am really looking forward to December and know that my favs next month will be filled with family time, holiday gifts and Christmas markets.

Moving my vitamins to my bedside table

This is super random, but I thought I would share this small tip because I truly believe it has made an impact on my health. I moved my vitamins from the kitchen to my bedside table. When my vitamins were in the kitchen some days I would forget to take them! Now, they are right in front of my face before I go to bed and since I’ve moved them, I haven’t missed a day!

Expat Blog Interview

I was recently featured on for an interview about life in Germany. I’d love for you to check it out! And, if you’re an expat or thinking of being an expat, is an excellent resource!

What are you loving this month?

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October 2017 Favs


I love October. It usually means the start of fall weather, even though in Germany it was still warm most of the month, our wedding anniversary, pumpkins and lots of candy. This past month was fairly quiet, full of rest, dinners with friends and preparations for our anniversary trip to Tuscany.

And the end of the month can only bring one thing, my monthly favorites! There’s some new products, a new podcast and some great reads from around the web. Please leave a comment below with some of your favorite things in October. I’d love to hear them!

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Glass containers

I have read everywhere how bad plastic containers are, even if they say they are BPA-free. So, this month, I decided I should become an adult and get rid of all of my Tupperware without the lids and invest in some glass containers. I have used these for meal prep and actually make me want to eat leftovers. I absolutely love them.

Dirty John Podcast


I love true crime podcasts, especially on long car trips. This past week, Vinn and I listened to the Dirty John podcast and were INSTANTLY hooked. It starts with an autopsy report and you don’t know who the person is, who killed him/her or why. You come to realize quickly that this is a story of love between two people where one of them, the husband, is a con-artist. You learn about all the cons the husband has pulled in his life and it is fascinating to hear what he was able togged away with.

If you like any crime tv show, you will love this podcast. Thank goodness we had 6 hours in the car, so we could finish it without stopping!

The Mentalist


I know this show hasn’t had a new episode since 2015 but we just discovered it. This show kept coming up on our ‘Recommended’ page on Netflix, so we decided to give it a try after finishing many other series. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about detectives at the California Bureau of Investigation and how they work with their consultant, Patrick Jane, who uses unconventional methods, like mind reading, to solve crimes.

I love trying to solve each case and appreciate the humor that Simon Baker brings to the seriousness of the show. If you’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, yes, this is the guy who seduces Andy and calls her “baby.”

Shania Twain’s New Album


I love Shania Twain, not as much as my dad, but she was always one of the singers we would listen to in the car growing up. She has such a beautiful voice and it is especially impressive that she can sing since she was diagnosed with a vocal cord disorder a few years ago.

Her new album, Now, is the Shania we know and love. She has some love songs, some great dance songs and the lyrics are everything. It is my go-to recently while cooking dinner.

A good read

If you are in the market of buying a home, I highly recommend this article titled, “Should I Buy a House?” It gives pros and cons of homeownership and gives good insights on what it’s really like. Vinn and I have been talking a lot lately about when we’d like to buy a house and what that savings plan would look like, so this was valuable to us.


What are you loving this month?


October Favorite Podcasts, Products, Music and Articles


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September 2017 Favs


And just like that, another month is over and we are entering a new season. I absolutely love fall. I love boots, scarves, leaves changing, the fact that it’s wine harvest and pumpkins. This month has definitely started to feel chillier and it’s darker outside in the morning and getting darker earlier. And I love it!

Now that it’s October, I thought I would share my favorites from this past month! So, here we go.

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Launching new travel & life abroad pages

Europe Travel Destinations

I have been working on updating my blog and how it’s all organized. This month I finally finished and launched my new travel and life in Germany pages! Now you can see all the posts relating to these topics in one neat, clean place. I’ve organized the travel page by country, so if you’re traveling somewhere or planning a trip, you can easily find what we did, where we ate, etc! And if you’re interested in moving abroad or what life is like in Germany, you can more easily check that out, too. I hope you like it. Leave me a comment if you’d like to see something added to these pages, like post ideas.

Meal planning

I stepped up my game with meal planning and branching out with new recipes this month. I still have a long way to go but I am putting forth the effort to eat healthier (most of the time) and to not waste as much food. I have been using Pinterest to find a lot of recipes and just got some new glass containers (similar here), which make meal planning and prepping more fun!

Reese Witherspoon’s Glamour article

I love Reese Witherspoon and always have. I love her even more now that she’s speaking out on ambition for women and creating a space in Hollywood where powerful women are accepted. What’s not to love about that message?

The Influencer Podcast 


I am obsessed with this podcast. It’s from Julie Solomon, a famous publicist, who brings together all types of influencers to share their successes and tips on being successful. An influencer is someone who has trust with their audience and can influence purchasing decisions. I am learning so much from the podcast and if you have your own business, blog or just want some life success tips, I definitely recommend it!

A chocolate cappuccino 

A chocolate cappuccino

How good does this look? OMG. I went out for coffee with some friends and I ordered a chocolate cappuccino. It’s exactly like it sounds and was the most delicious thing ever. I will seriously order it again…and again…and again.

Another favorite this month is reading a ton. I shared my latest book reviews a few weeks ago in case you missed it!

September 2017 Favorites, a new podcast, books and meal prep

What are your favorites from September?

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August 2017 Favs



Another month is coming to an end, what?!, which means it’s time for another favs post! I can’t believe that August is over and kids are going back to school, stores are putting out all the fall clothes and I’m even starting to think about what to get everyone for Christmas! 2017 is going to be over in a blink of an eye.

August was a great month, filled with the most relaxing vacation, some reading and some great buys. I’d love to hear what you are loving in August in the comments section.

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At the end of July, I bought a bluetooth speaker on Amazon and it is ah-mazing. I’ve been wanting for a long time but just couldn’t pull the trigger. This one is compact, light and perfect to have on the balcony, in the kitchen or to bring on a boat, if we had one. I use it daily to listen to some of my favorite podcasts while I cook or for music if we have people over. It’s on the less expensive side as far as speakers go and got great reviews. We use it every single day.


I love Friends and could quote pretty much every single episode. I swear I’ve seen the series 70 times and it continues to make me laugh. We definitely still binge watch it to this day. I also love reading all sorts of articles about the show, new insider information and silly quizzes on Buzzfeed. An article on Medium  took me by surprise, though. It’s all about how Ross Gellar was the beginning of an anti-intelligence movement. The article explains that Ross is the only one in the group to have PhD, a great job that he’s passionate about and even a job where he can’t get fired, but his friends don’t appreciate any of this. Anytime Ross starts talking about fossils, everyone audibly groans and dismisses anything he says. It’s an interesting perspective but probably a stretch. And Ross is one of my favorites! What do you think?

This month I finished reading Truly, Madly, Guilty summer reading list from my and I have to say, it was disappointing. I had to force myself to finish it because the build-up for the big event was too much. I just started Into the Water and I already like it.

Driving through the Alps

Our drive from Lake Como took us through the Alps via the San Bernadino pass. We stopped, took some pictures and listened to all the cow bells. It was gorgeous. The drive is definitely full of twist and turns and is not for anyone who gets car sick, but it offers some amazing views of the mountains.

We had several barbecues with friends this month and I decided to make some Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies to share. These cookies are the absolute best and I have to make sure I bring them somewhere because if they are around, I will eat five a day.

And, blog announcement! Have you seen the newly organized travel and living in Germany pages? I now made one page with a list of all of my travel posts that is organized by country. I love it! I also made a new living in Germany page with everything about what it’s like to live in Germany on a daily basis, the big ups and downs of being an expat and expat life in general. I’d love for you to check it out!

Also, with all the amazing-ness that August brought, I would like to take a moment to reflect and pray for the victims of all the recent attacks. Attacks in Charlottesville, Spain and Finland have left my heart heavy and wondering how we got here. Love not hate. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of these vicious attacks. And more recently, my thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. If you would like to help, NPR has a great list. Vinn and I chose to donate to the United Way of Greater Houston

What are your favorites this month? Do you think Ross was bad for intellectuals? 

August Favs, from music, recipes, books & more

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July 2017 Favs


Seriously, it’s almost August. I cannot believe it. Pretty soon there’s going to be pumpkins and Santas everywhere. But, for now, I’m enjoying the pleasantly mild weather we’ve been having here in Germany and I’m looking forward to one more long, summer weekend. Since it’s the end of a month, today I am going to share some of my favs from July.

In case you’re new, My Favs is where I share some of my favorite products, new finds that make daily life a little bit better and any fun things I’ve been watching, reading or listening to lately.

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This month I finished reading Lauren Graham’s book from my 7 books to read this summer  list. It was a relatively quick read and is definitely a must-read if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan. I did find the book to be a little boring before getting to the Lorelei Gilmore phase of her life but overall, it makes for a perfect beach read. Now I’m reading Truly Madly Guilty and am having a hard time getting into it. It’s a lot like Big Little Lies in that there are several different characters and you get their perspectives on the same event. I have yet to get to the “big event” or the hook and I’m really looking forward to it. My goal this August is to finish this book and one more, maybe Option B.

We had several vacations this past month, which were amazing. We flew twice with Copley to Nice and Croatia. She does really well on airplanes and I think it’s all thanks to this lavender spray. I spray all over her bag (we use this one and never had a problem with any airline) right before we are about to board and I really believe that it calms her down and makes her feel more safe. The spray is made by the same company that makes Thunder Shirts and is said to mimic the mother’s pheromones, which is why it is relaxing for dogs.


On the what I’m watching front, Vinn and I totally binge watched Friends from College last week. It’s a Netflix original show with Fred Savage, Colbie Smuders from How I Met Your Mother, and Keegan-Michael Key. The show hasn’t been so well received on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, but we thought it was really funny! It’s about how a group of friends from college all still hang out twenty years later and still haven’t really grown up. They all allegedly went to Harvard, have real jobs and are trying to navigate life as an adult, while still acting like college kids. It’s laugh out loud funny and Fred Savage is my favorite! I wish he was the new host on Live with Kelly.

About three times a week this entire month I ate a snack of a Granny Smith apple with Gruyere cheese. I know I’ve mentioned this many times on the blog already, but it definitely deserves a spot on the monthly favs. I don’t know what it is about this snack that I love so much but I just do. I think it’s because the apple is tart and sweet and then the cheese is so soft. It’s a great snack because it has healthy fat, sugar and protein from the cheese. The one negative is that Gruyere cheese is on the expensive side, so I may have to cut back a little.

bringing your dog to Croatia

And, last but not least, a cute picture of Copley from our trip to Split. I just seriously love this dog with my whole heart. I can’t go too long without a cute puppy picture!

What did you love this July? 

July 2017 Favs

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