Movies to Watch When You’re Sick


I have been on the couch sick for the past three days. And it is the worst. I have a sore throat, cough and a runny nose. A cold. I am not the best patient when it comes to being achy, but Vinn has been the absolute best. He’s made dinners, brought me tissues and really taken care of me.

Since I’ve been home all day, I’ve definitely spent a lot of time watching movies and tv. I have some go-to’s that I watch when I’m sick…and always seem to fall asleep at the exact same moment each time. Here’s what I’ve been watching this week:

Two Weeks Notice


Oh man. Anything with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock is a win in my book. I’d forgotten about this movie for quite some time but it is so good. I love this movie because you don’t have to think at all while watching it. It’s the perfect sick movie.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


Is there any movie better than this? Nope. I have probably seen this movie 7,000 times and it gets better each time. I love the soundtrack, too! This is a classic and I love that I can fall in and out of sleep and still know what’s happening.

West Side Story


This is my number one sick movie and has been since I was in middle school. Before I had a tv in my room, my mom would bring in our “car tv” (the ones with the VCR in them) and I would watch this movie over and over again. It is surprisingly long but I just love the music and the dancing. It’s a classic.

Fever Pitch


This movie is so underrated. It’s so funny and I love Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon together. I also love baseball, so it’s a win/win. Unfortunately, this one isn’t on German Netflix, so I haven’t watched it this time, but I used to watch this one all the time when I was sick and thought it would be worth mentioning. Ironically, Jimmy Fallon talks about sick movies and how his is Hot Shots. 

What are your favorite movies to watch when you’re sick?

What movies to watch when you just can't get off the couch


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Revamping My Morning Routine


In August, I started working more hours a week at my marketing job. I went from working 12 hours to 20 and now I go to the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since then I’ve been struggling to find a great morning routine. Mondays and Fridays are great but I don’t love that everyday starts differently.

Mondays are my best day because I wake up, go to the gym, walk the dog and eat breakfast all before 9 AM. Fridays are usually similar. But the other days of the week usually are me waking up way too late, taking the fastest shower of all time and going to the office feeling unmotivated, not prepared for the day and in desperate need of coffee.

This month, I really want to revamp my morning routine so that I start each day in a productive way, a way that sets the tone for a successful, healthy day. In  an effort to make the mornings more streamlined, I am putting together a list of goals to do each morning, in an ideal world.

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Wake up at the same time every day. Super guilty of sleeping in on the days when I don’t have to necessarily be somewhere. For example, today I woke up at 8:30 because I didn’t sleep so well this weekend. Not getting up at the same time ever single day means that my body doesn’t know what to expect from the day. It’s not a great thing. The days I do wake up early, I always feel better. So, I’d like to wake up at 6:00 AM every single day, whether I’m going to the office or not. I use my phone as an alarm clock and it sits right on my night stand. Perhaps I should actually get an alarm clock and put it across the room. Maybe this one?

Do some sort of exercise. On the days when the gym is open early enough (which is only Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I want to go to the gym and get in a good workout. On the days when the gym is closed, I want to do some stretching or yoga at home and possibly taking Copley for a walk before work (she doesn’t love to walk early in the morning, especially when it’s cold). Starting the day with some kind of exercise always makes me feel better and I make better eating choices throughout the day.

Snuggle with Copley. This is the easiest thing to do but I just love starting mornings with a great puppy snuggle. Her routine is quite simple: get up when Vinn wakes up, eat breakfast, come back to bed to snuggle with Mama. Not a bad day.

Take my time getting ready for the day. I do not like being rushed in life, at all. It gives me legit anxiety. If I had a better routine, especially by waking up earlier, I wouldn’t be rushed. I can’t tell you how many times I go to work with my hair wet and some curly hair product that allows your hair to air day.

If I can do these things, I know that I would feel happier at work, have a more relaxed start to the day and be even more productive than I already am. I will report back at the end of the month with how I’m doing with this!

I’d love to know what your morning routine looks like! Leave me a comment below and if you liked this, share with a friend!

What I want my Morning Routine to Be as an Expat

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Most Embarrassing High School Story


The end of August/beginning of September always reminds me of the start of a new school year, specifically the beginning of high school. Today, I thought I would share something a little different on the blog but one that is funny and will hopefully let us get to know each other better.

I remember being so excited to go to a new building, getting a full locker and not the ones that were on top of each other like in middle school and being able to wear my backpack all day. I believe that is no longer allowed, but we could carry our backpacks around because sometimes we didn’t have enough time to swap books at our lockets if you had class on opposite ends of the building.

I remember spending days picking out my first day outfit, making sure I picked something that would be classy, but still trendy to prove to everyone in my grade that I had grown up and to prove to the older kids that I was cool and could hang with them, too. I found the perfect shirt from Macy’s that was a khaki color with lots of buttons in the front and paired it with a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans that fit perfectly. I was so pumped.

Enter the first day of school and the embarrassing part of my story.

I got dressed that morning in my perfect outfit (I’m sure my mom has a picture of it somewhere but don’t think I could share it on the internet because looking back on it, why would I wear a khaki shirt?! It is so not the right color for my skin tone), ate breakfast and headed off to school. I was armed with my books, new notebooks and my schedule for the day. I had gone the day before with my mom and mapped out where each of my classes were, so I knew exactly where to go throughout the day.

I first headed into Honors Biology, which I was nervous about because I am not a science person and it is typically taken by sophomores but my guidance counselor suggested I take it. In I walked, armed and ready to go.

I sat dumbfounded by this class. The teacher was super intense, our book was HUGE and thick, there were more sophomores than freshmen, and I only knew one other person in my class. Thankfully, he was one of my good friends, so at least we had each other. (Looking back, I credit honors biology with teaching me how to study. I could get away with studying not in a super organized way in middle school, but I really had to work in this class. It also taught me how to properly take notes so I would retain the information, which helped me exponentially in college).

After class, I went to the bathroom, took a deep breath and tried to hide the fact that I was sweating profusely. And then, as I was washing my hands, a girl from my class (her name was Margaret and I will never forget this moment!) turned to me and said, “Oh, Jess, your shirt is inside out!” and held my tag that was showing on the outside.

Immediately, I turned red and ran back into a stall to turn my shirt back to the correct way. I was mortified.

Luckily, someone helped me at the beginning of the day and I spent the rest of my first day of high school looking more like a respectable human. But, whenever I think about high school, this is usually one of my firs thoughts. I actually still get a little anxious and panicky thinking about it. It may be a small embarrassing moment from high school (I do have others, like the time I was called out for an award, turned around to give a big wave to the audience and tripped over my own feet and fell) but this one takes the cake because it was the first day, I felt so strong and then realized I looked like an idiot for the first hour of the day.

Like with all embarrassing stories, it’s certainly funny now and made me realize that we all go through embarrassing times and that there will always be someone there to help you.

What’s your most embarrassing story?

An Embarrassing High School Story....I Survived

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9 Things I Do Every Night


I love reading routine posts from other bloggers and successful people. I love seeing what people do every morning and night in order to have a great, successful day. I find it so interesting and inspiring. This article is especially interesting because it shares evening routines of successful people.

A twist on the evening routine, I thought I would share 9 things I do every night. These aren’t in any particular order but thought it would be fun to share. It helps me realize that I need to put more effort into making a nightly routine and figure out what will work best for me.

I’d love to hear what you do every night that relaxes you, helps you fall asleep or prepares you for the next day. Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Set a few goals for the next day. I usually don’t write these down anywhere, but I think about a few things I definitely want to accomplish the next day. I look up the workout I want to do so I’m prepared at the gym, think about a blog post I want to write and any cleaning or shopping that needs to get done. I like waking up knowing what I want to tackle and having an idea of what the day will be already.
  2. Watch at least two episodes of something funny so I don’t have nightmares. It’s usually Friends, 30 Rock or recently How I Met Your Mother. 
  3. Feel guilty that I’m watching tv and not reading. Some nights I do read but it’s not often enough. I swear I’m trying to get better at this and maybe I’ll do a  challenge some month to read every night before bed and report back.
  4. Organize our bedroom. Somehow our bedroom becomes a catch all throughout the day, whether it’s clean clothes that need to be put away or my outfit that I changed out of and into yoga pants immediately after getting home from work. Our bed somehow always seems to be covered in stuff. I spend just a few minutes organizing everything so I don’t fret over it while trying to fall asleep. I swear I sleep better with an organized bedroom.
  5. Text my mom, sister and best friend. The time change is difficult and my night is usually the best time to chat with everyone. Countless times I’m in bed texting with everyone. I’m usually catching my mom up with what happened during the day, sending housewives GIFs with my sister and discussing the latest celeb drama with my best friend. It makes me feel connected and still part of everyone’s life when I do this.
  6. Do my skincare routine. It’s pretty low-key actually. All I do is wash my face with this cleanser, use a gel from my dermatologist, dab on eye cream and then neck cream. It only takes me five minutes, anything more than that makes me not want to do it. I use Olay products because that’s what my Mima used and she didn’t have any wrinkles pretty much until she was about 85. Learn from the best.
  7. Think absolutely random thoughts before falling asleep. Please tell I’m not alone in this. Something about being in bed makes my mind go bonkers. I think the most random thoughts, sometimes intense, sometimes stupid. Like the time I told Vinn that I really wanted to get a sock organizer one night while drifting off to sleep. Or thoughts about our upcoming vacations or how much I really want to buy some new shoes. Again, please tell me I’m not alone.
  8. Plan my outfit for the next day. Similar to thinking random thoughts, I think about what I want to wear the next day. I love to think of new ways to use the clothes in my closet and how to style them in a new way. It really is one of my favorite things.
  9. Kiss Vinn and Copley good night. Always.

What do you do every night before falling asleep? 

Things I Do Every Night, skin care, routine, random thoughts


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Day in the Life, A Non-Working Day

Happy Thursday. Today I thought I’d share what a day in my life looks like after more than a year living in Germany. I love reading these on other blogs and think it’s so fascinating to see what happens behind closed doors during the day. It’s like reading an episode of the Real Housewives. What’s not to love?

So here’s my day on April 12, 2017, a day where I didn’t have to work at either jobs. It was relaxing, fun, delicious and lovely. I wish every day could be like this.

6:20 AM: Alarm goes off, check my phone. (I know, so bad!)

6:40 AM: Head to the gym.

7:00 AM – 7:45 AM: Work out.  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, with a 7 minute warm-up, 14 minute HIIT (1 minute rest, 2 minute push pace), 10 minute incline walk. Then I did an arm work out from my beloved Tone It Up.




7:45 AM: Walk home.

8:00 AM: Take the little princess for a walk. Copley teaching everyone to stop and smell the flowers.




8:30 AM:Make breakfast, 3 eggs scrambled, 4 pieces of bacon, raspberries and a homemade vanilla latte. I don’t know how I lived without my Nespresso!




8:41 AM: Eat breakfast while watching some of my favorite YouTube channels.

9:14 AM: Take a shower.

9:50 AM: Start working on some blog posts with my favorite assistant. I can’t be the only one who gets back into pajamas when you have no where to be, right?




10:36 AM: Make my Easter in Germany post live.

10:40 AM: Throw in a load of laundry, clean the dishes from breakfast, make another vanilla latte and start writing some more blog posts. Hey, at least they are made with soy milk & at home!

11:30 AM: Do some scholarship application evaluations for my sorority. I volunteered to review these applications and it is really fun to see how incredible all these young people are.

12:00 PM: Accidentally take a nap while watching an episode of Real Housewives of New York.

1:00 PM: Change the laundry from the washer to the dryer and then add another load. It takes 2 hours to do one load of laundry, so I have to really plan out when I do it. Take Copley for another walk and let me hair air dry.



1:28 PM: Eat a little bit of lunch, which is just some salami, trail mix and some Pringles. So healthy.

1:50 PM: Watch last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

2:46 PM: Go get the laundry again, watch some YouTube and read for a little bit. I’m currently reading Dark Money: How a secretive group of billionaires is trying to buy political control in the US. No matter your political affiliation, this book is fascinating and scary. It’s real life House of Cards. 

5:03 PM: Get ready to go out to dinner with a group of other expats. I’m leaving early so I can FaceTime with one of my best friends in the States.

5:30 PM: Walk to bus stop.

5:48 PM: Return library books.

6:04 PM: Chat with one of my best friends thanks to the library’s wifi and get caught up on life.

6:35 PM: Meet up with everyone for dinner!



8:35 PM: After a great dinner, I had chicken caprese and two glasses of wine, we all head to grab some gelato for dessert. Who can say no to that?




9:50 PM: Devour the hazelnut and chocolate gelato and come home.

10:15 PM: Snuggle with Copley and pass out.

I fell asleep feeling so full and that life is good.

How was your day yesterday?

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