Celebrations Trip Recap

Hi Guys!! It has been way too long since I blogged and I honestly missed it. I love writing, sharing my thoughts and experiences and interacting with everyone.

Let’s see, last we left off, I was on my way back to the States with Vinn and Copley to celebrate many new life transitions for our friends and family. We celebrated my cousin graduating from high school and going off to college very soon, my best friend’s bachelorette party and wedding dress shopping and, finally, Vinn’s best friend’s wedding.

It was an incredible 2 weeks filled with love, laughter and quality time with friends and family…and Target, burgers and sushi. It was a great combination of busy, stuffing our faces with homemade queso, relaxing and spending money like it was going out of style. Definitely a treat ‘yo self trip!

The best part was just enjoying celebrating everyone’s major life events. Here are some of the pictures from our trip:


Of course, we stopped at Chipotle.


Celebrating the gorgeous bride to be!


Amazing black truffles over gnocchi at RPM Italian. OMG, these were so good. I will order anything with black truffles.


Cheers to wedding dress shopping!


The best cheeseburger in all the land. Sobelman’s in Milwaukee is everything. Of course, with a side order of cheese balls. Oh man, delicious.


Seeing this fun lady always puts a smile on my face. Seriously, it’s the kind of friends who you don’t see for a while, but then you jump right back where you left off that make the best friends.


Celebrating love.


Obligatory puppy picture.

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