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Confession: I love stalking celebrities, including reality tv celebrities. I love following them on Instagram, Snapchat, your standard Google search. Everything. I find their lives so fascinating because their jobs force them to be in the public eye (even though sometimes they choose to be in the public eye <—- any Real Housewife) but at the end of the day, they come home, watch tv and want to spend time with their families just like the rest of us.

Probably the biggest thing I love to stalk/research about celebrities is their homes! With more money than the typical person, celebrities homes are out of control. Some have home movie theaters, a guest house bigger than my parent’s house, a kitchen made for a 5 star restaurant and many more amenities I can only dream to experience at a hotel.

What really made me think of this was a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Heather Dubrow went to pick out a $7,000 pizza oven. Yes, $7,000!!! That’s more money than my wedding dress and the alcohol at the reception combined. The kicker, she doesn’t even eat pizza!! It’s these sort of crazy spending that fascinate me.

Here are some of my favorite celebrity home tours:

celebrity home tours


Tiffani Thiessen aka Kelly Kipowski 

Tiffani Thiessen was a guest on the Young House Love podcast this past week. Not only is she incredibly sweet and funny, but she just sounds so normal. She spoke about her family and how she and her husband love to create a home for building memories, especially in the kitchen!


I love how big the island is. Some day, I’d love to have a kitchen this size. It looks perfect for entertaining, yet still cozy enough for family dinners and the kids doing homework on the bar stools.


Oh to have that outdoor space…minus the chicken. Oh yeah, she has chickens. I’m not really into raising my food, but to each their own. For more pictures of Tiffani’s home, check out this Popsugar article.

Heather Dubrow’s Mansion

As previously mentioned, this is the house that made me think of how much I love stalking celebrity homes. Even though the house isn’t even ready for the family to move in, it looks insane!! It has 14 bathrooms, every bedroom has a balcony, the movie theater costs 7 figures and she has 4 different kinds of ice makers…that make 4 different shapes of ice.


There aren’t too many pictures yet, but just look at the outside. It looks incredible. I can’t wait for more!!

Ellen Degeneres 

I love Ellen. I think she is so funny and just an overall kind and caring person. When she talks about her home and how much she loves architecture and home decor, I can just see the passion in her eyes. I wouldn’t say Ellen has a style that I identify with, but I can appreciate it.


Right? This kitchen is not something I would have in my home…especially that painting above the sink. I love windows above a sink and to look out on the backyard. But I love the space and acknowledge the creativity that went into the design.


But this, I love! Some of the art is a little too funky for me, but I love the light this room gets and how big that table is. Click here for more pictures.

Tina Fey

No woman is as funny as Tina Fey. From 30 Rock, SNL and Mean Girls, there isn’t a Tina Fey project I don’t love. And if you’ve never seen her interviewed, she really seems down to earth, a good mother and a genuine human. And her home is no different. She has a great condo in New York City  but it looks family-friendly and All-American.


I have a thing for white kitchens. And for New York City, this kitchen is huge! I also love that you can see her kids’ artwork hung on the back wall.


It just looks so ‘normal.’ Of course, it’s expensive and gorgeous, but it just looks like a place I would live. For more pictures, check out her InStyle article.

There are so many more homes that I love, but these are among my top favorites.

What celebrity homes are your favorites? What are home design must-haves?

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