Checked Off the Bucket List

This past weekend, I checked something major off my life bucket list: I visited the Beauty and the Beast fountain!!




Vinn and I traveled to the Alsace region of France with friends and had the best time, a full recap is coming soon. The only thing I really wanted to do on our trip was visit the fountain that inspired the one in Beauty and the Beast.

Belle has always been my Disney princess of choice and I have imagined taking a picture at this fountain with a book in my hands for as long as I can remember. Vinn surprised me with a copy of the original Beauty and the Beast story book on our drive and it was the perfect book for the picture! A note about the book, it is nothing like the Disney story. It is actually really old from like the 1600’s, uses old English language and is quite different. It is not a love story or fairy tale. I do love the physical book, though. It has beautiful drawings and will be a cherished book of mine for all time. <<< see what I did there?

We had quite the photo shoot at this fountain. Coat on, coat off, with my phone, with my friend’s phone, with our camera, with Copley, without Copley, so you will definitely see more pictures in my recap post. The fountain was decorated for Easter and absolutely stunning. This is the Saint Leon fountain and was completed in 1834 and is the biggest in Alsace because it can hold 80,000 liters of water. The railing around it isn’t quite big enough to sit like Belle does while she’s reading, but the little houses around more than make up for it. All that was needed was for someone to pop out of a window and yell, “Bonjour!”



This picture was taken with our friend’s iPhone 7 on portrait mode! That mode is incredible.

While having my mini-photo shoot, I felt a wave of gratitude come over me. I was fulfilling a life-long dream, no matter how small or silly, and when something like that happens, I feel so lucky and blessed that this is my life. We all have bucket lists, some things that are easy to accomplish and others that are pipe dreams that we hope to check off before we’re too old to do anything about it. I have been lucky enough to check many things off my bucket list in my short life, like running a marathon, going on the Sound of Music tour, visiting so many countries I’ve only dreamed of visiting and  moving abroad. I cry every time I check something off the list because I really can’t believe it’s actually happening. I realize that this is a huge life moment and want to cherish it forever. It’s like the one moment at our wedding reception where I stopped and looked around and felt so proud and humbled that all the people we loved were in one room, together, dancing, drinking, laughing and celebrating with us. That’s probably the biggest moment ever.

I can only hope that life’s adventures continue and that my bucket list grows and expands.

What’s on your bucket list?

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