Choosing Experiences Over Gifts

We just got back from an amazing weekend trip to London. It was a magical trip where we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary, visited all the major sites, had afternoon tea, ate delicious meals, saw an incredible Broadway show and built some amazing memories. Full recaps coming next week.

underground train

We knew we wanted to go somewhere to celebrate our anniversary and once we selected London and realizing how expensive everything is, we decided not to do anniversary gifts this year. Even though, the third wedding anniversary traditional gift is leather (hello, a new purse, please), we decided that experiences are worth more than any gift ever. Of course, I would love to have a new purse, but experiences are what make life worth living. And experiences and memories made with my husband are worth their weight in gold.

Experiences show that we want to invest in our relationship and building memories that we will talk about when we’re sipping wine in our rocking chairs when we’re 80 years old. I am so glad we decided to go without gifts. It allowed us to not worry (as much) about how much we were spending on our time in London. We did not buy one thing while we were there, unless macaroons and truffles count as things. And I am so happy we did. We shared some incredible experiences on this trip. More to come!

Now that we have easy access to so many wonderful travel destinations, it seems silly to waste our money on frivolous gifts. Travel is such a privilege and we are lucky to be able to fly for an hour and a half and be in London or Amsterdam or Venice. We need to take advantage of our time here, sans kids and we can just pick up and go wherever we want at the drop of a hat.

Here’s to building the memories, taking the vacation, buying the Broadway show tickets (or the Dave Matthews tickets in Vienna), seeing the world and building a home full of wonderful memories, instead of meaningless, material objects.

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