Christmas Festivities

Happy Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend and crossed some things off your to-do lists.

I had a fantastic weekend. It was the perfect combination of low-key and productive.

One thing Hubby and I did do was cross one major thing off our December goals list – we watched several holiday movies!

We admittedly tried to watch Christmas with the Kranks and turned it off! It was awful, you guys. We probably go through 25 minutes and it was just bad. I love Tim Allen, but this was probably one of the worst movies ever. I think Lifetime movies are better!



This movie, on the other hand, is fantastic. It’s a little cheesy and predictable, but I love it! I love Reese Witherspoon AND Vince Vaughn, so when they both made this movie, I was on board. I even own it on DVD. My favorite part: Vince Vaughn gets his dad a satellite dish for Christmas. He also sets up an appointment for an installation guy to come next week. His dad doesn’t want the installation guy to come and that he can install it himself. Well, Vince has to help and he ends up falling off the roof! It is so funny!! I also love that they have a code word, “Mistletoe,” as a signal to leave. I need one of these in my daily life.



This movie doesn’t need an introduction, Elf. I just love this movie. It still makes me laugh.out.loud. Literally! The part when he hops the white pedestrian lines, it kills me! We watched this on Sunday night and it was the perfect end to the holiday.

We also went to a holiday production at a church. It was truly spectacular and I wish I took some pictures, but I didn’t. For anyone in the Detroit area, if you can go to Glory of Christmas at North Ridge Church, do it!

What’s your favorite holiday movie? 

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