Christmas Markets

The Christmas Market in our area opened yesterday. Queue the carols, yule logs and lords a leaping. Not like I need anything more to make me excited for the holidays! And visiting all the markets are on my Christmas bucket list.

Christmas markets are a tradition in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria to as a way to celebrate the season. Typically, they last a month and are filled with food vendors, small store fronts and Christmas decorations everywhere.

germany christmas market

It is truly a magical experience. You go with a group of friends, drink mulled wine (Glüwein), eat bratwurst and Nutella waffles and walk around looking all the different products available. It is so fun! Most people stand around a table with their wine and talk and eat. People spend hours there.

germany christmas market

It was definitely too warm for me to be wearing my parka. We haven’t turned on the heat in our apartment, so I was cold inside and assumed it would be cold outside. Nope, I was sweating. I should have looked at my phone because it was about 45 degrees.

Our town, Ludwigsburg, has a pretty great Christmas market. (In German these are called Weihnachtsmarkt.) Yesterday I met up with some friends to enjoy the start of the holidays. My favorite thing was drinking a hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

It was a great start and I can’t wait to go back soon and really explore the vendors and find some favorite spots.

germany christmas market

For the next few weeks, you can find me at a Weihnachts Markt. Prepare for lots of pictures.

What’s your favorite thing to do over the holidays?

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