Coming Back from the States

I caught you all up yesterday on our trip to Maine and how truly epic it was. I have to be honest, it was really tough coming back to Germany.

It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents and great friends. It is so rare to have friends who you don’t have to see for a long time and then you jump right back into where you left off. When you can spend 24 hours a day with friends and not get on each other’s nerves or have any awkward moments, that truly says something.


It was so wonderful to be back in the States. I wrote about what I was looking forward to and it is surprising how accurate it was. I wrote how I was looking forward to:

Target. Definite yes. We went to Target and the streak continues to spend no less than $100 by walking in there.

Mexican Food. Failure. We didn’t eat any Mexican food. We ate ALL THE LOBSTER. Although we did cook for ourselves two nights and our night to cook we made tacos and guac. So I guess that counts.

Understanding Everyone. This was huge! Being able to walk up to a woman at the wedding and know that we speak the same language was huge. I felt comfortable the entire time and my outgoing personality came out and I felt like me.

Service. Sometimes the service was disappointing, even by German standards. But the wedding was truly spectacular in regards to the service. There were bartenders, staff everywhere and we all felt like we were tended to the entire time.

Water. Free water is always enjoyable.

Eavesdropping. I didn’t do as much eavesdropping as I thought. We didn’t eat at restaurants as much as I thought. It was nice to eavesdrop in the airport, I will say.

Being around friends was certainly something I was looking forward to and while fantastic, was difficult to come home. We still haven’t found our group of friends here in Germany and it was so nice to be around people we love.

On Tuesday, I had a rough day. I was sad that we aren’t constantly surrounded by the people we love. But we wouldn’t necessarily be nearby if we still lived in Michigan, but something about this distance makes it even harder. I know that these three years will go by incredibly quickly and we are blessed to be here, but I’m just sad.

But, we’re fortunate to have this life, to be able to travel to all these incredible places and we have each other. Of course, coming home to Copley makes everything better!



  1. Kim Reynolds | 23rd Jun 16

    I bet in 3 years you will have friends you don’t want to leave and your German will be good enough to feel comfortable. It is sweet but rare to just have time off with friends and family all at the same time! A moment to savor!

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