Copley Update

Well, happy Monday to you fine readers. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Our’s consisted of a great dinner with friends, car shopping (!), laundry and walks with cappuccinos. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Since this is my blog, I obviously write about my feelings, thoughts, opinions and misgivings about things happening in my life or happening on Bravo, but today I want to share a Copley update.



This little Bean is the best thing to come into our lives a year and a half ago. When we decided to move to Germany, my first thought was, “How are we going to bring Copley?” Not once did I think we would leave her with my parents or someone close to us for 3 years.We could never leave her behind. She is our child, our furry child.

And now that is has been 2 weeks, I thought I’d share how our little pup is doing.

A resounding AMAZING.

cute puppy


This picture is after our 40 minute walk one day.

At first, she wasn’t sure about Germany. She was tired, disoriented and stressed. The first time we left her in the hotel room by herself, we could hear her crying and whining down the hallway. It was totally heartbreaking.

But, as the days continued, her stress subsided. She doesn’t cry when we leave anymore. She does whine whenever we start putting on shoes. She is eating more than she ever has, actually. She is actually eating right as I type this. She used to only eat once a day and now she eats twice a day and even whines in the morning to be fed.


She is happiest while snuggling with one of us. She loves going on walks and that she can come to dinner with us.


I can tell she is getting a little bit of cabin fever and the room isn’t as big for her daily games of fetch, but all in all, she has been herself. I am so happy she hasn’t had any more vomiting episodes and she is adjusting to her new life. I’ve heard some people’s dogs don’t eat, their fur falls out and have severe stress. We are one lucky family to have such a wonderful, resilient dog.

I hope that once we have an apartment that she’ll adjust just as well and when she gets her puppy passport, she’ll be quite the world traveler.

Life with Copley is better. She makes even the toughest days better, makes us laugh daily and can turn the world on with her snuggles. Sorry not sorry that my dog is better than your’s!

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