Creating a Workspace I Love

I’ve been in the workforce for almost 5 years. <—- holy cow! Seeing that in writing is absolutely crazy.

I’ve only ever had a cube and I’ve gone from having a completely blank cube, to a cube with one picture, to a cube with way too much paper on it. I think I’ve finally figured out how to create a workspace I love and feel inspired to sit for almost 10 hours per day.

I wanted to create a space that was almost an extension of my home but also functioned as an area to boost creativity, make me feel calm and happy, as well as have everything I need to get my work done all in one place. Here’s how my cube currently looks:


We have all the essentials here: computer, planner with to-do’s for the day, notebook with meeting notes, bulletin board with my goals and Copley picture, wedding picture and Anthropologie mug. And an essential fleece jacket for the freezing office.

image2     image3

The other side of my cube is where I keep all my files. I have OCD and like everything to have one neat spot so I can find everything easily. I like to display some fun work posters, my Alma Mater and some favorite pictures.

All in all, I wanted my little area of the office to be somewhere I look forward to going, as much as possible, and display things that make me smile.

How do you decorate your office? Do you work in a cube farm?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 2nd Apr 15

    Love your decor! My office is inside my lab, so I keep it pretty neat/boring. I should spruce it up some!!

    • howardjessm | 2nd Apr 15

      Thanks, Michelle!! It took a while, but I think I figured it. It’s definitely made me happier at work. Love your site, too!

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