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In my German lesson yesterday, I read an article about how a guy gave up Internet for one week. No Internet, no cell phone, no Netflix, no nothing. Incredible. There’s no way I could go one day let alone one week without Internet. I would get so lost, be bored on all the walks with Copley and probably just sit in silence.

And now realizing that I couldn’t go without the Internet, it got me thinking about all the things I read, browse and do on the Internet every single day. If you check my browser history, you will find websites of a wide variety and I thought I’d share with all of you. I’d love to know what you read every day, whether that’s your religious text, favorite blog or shopping site. Leave me a comment below to share!



I am obsessed with Bloglovin’. It is a web site that is an updated version of a RSS Feed. I follow all of my favorite blogs on the site and all of the most recent blog posts are then listed in one place. It makes life so much easier. When I have a few minutes, I check the site and take a ten minute break reading. It also recommends other blogs based on what I currently follow. And, did you know you can follow Room for Gelato on Bloglovin’? This way you can add my blog to all your other favorites and read all in one place.

The Everygirl

This is my all-time favorite web site for everything that pertains to being a twenty-something career woman. The Everygirl has so many articles ranging from interviews with successful women, to career advice to decorating ideas to amazing recipes. The apartment tours are my favorite and I always feel that I can conquer the world after visiting. And their Instagram is super on point that makes me have brunch and travel envy all the time.



This is a recent find of mine and I just love it. The web site says it is devoted to the wellness scene. I have found some great recipes, amazing interviews with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, the latest fitness trends and how to have the best morning routine. Well+Good is beautifully designed, too, and was started by two journalists who couldn’t find the news they were looking for.


Tone It Up 


I have shared my love of Tone It Up before and that’s because Katrina and Karena are just the best women ever. They have the best personalities, really motivate me to live my best life and have the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I visit Tone It Up everyday to check the daily workout, get recipe ideas and be inspired by the amazing transformations from other TIU women. I wish their Bravo tv show as still on the air. I miss it. 

The Skimm


I don’t necessarily seek out news, though I do listen to The Daily podcast and get CNN updates on my phone. I do like feeling in the know about what’s happening throughout the world but find a lot of news is subjective, extremely sad and/or scary. One thing I do love is The Skimm. It’s an email service that send snippets of news in a funny, insightful way. It’s the best news source for on-the-go and gives you the highlights from around the world.

These are all the web sites I read daily and sometimes multiple times a day!

What do you read every day? 

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