Day 1 as SAHW

Well, hello March. When did you get here? I must say that I am quite happy you are here and everything you bring: my mom’s birthday, the first day of Spring and March Madness. I love Spring. I love that the weather is warm enough to go on long walks, but still cool enough to wear a scarf, my all-time favorite accessory.

On this March 1, I started a new chapter of life. Albeit, it’s probably a short chapter of life, but today was Day 1 as a stay at home wife. I thought I would share what I did today because it was surprisingly productive, enjoyable and also frustrating.

Let’s start with the frustrating part and get that out of the way. I got a new camera for Christmas, the Nikon Coolpix L840, and I just set it up. I was so excited to use it, took a bunch of pictures and then couldn’t figure out how to get them on my computer! Every time I plugged it into my computer, my computer crashed. #frustrating

So, after 30 minutes of Google-ing, I discovered that I needed to download Nikon software in order to transfer my pictures. The software is still downloading as I write this post, so some of the pictures from today will be shared tomorrow…I hope. And I really hope you can see a difference in the pictures. All the pictures below are ones I took on my phone.

OK, now onto the good stuff!

I went for a morning run.



Check out that snow. It snowed yesterday but it’s all melted now. It ended up being a gorgeous day.

I went for a quick 20 minute run then came back and did a hotel room workout and completed 100 additional squats. I’m doing a daily challenge to complete 100 squats because, well I don’t know why, but I want a good butt. So, I guess that’s a good enough.

After the workout, I showered and Copley and I headed to the train to go to lunch in Ludwigsburg. I took a really cute picture of Copley at the train station, but it’s on the camera, so you’ll see it soon!



Any time I can have prosecco and my dog and read a book while I eat lunch is a good time. Look at that face. Everyone was loving over her and talking to me about how gorgeous she is. At least, I think that’s what they were saying…some day I’ll get there and be able to say more back!

Then, we came back, Copley took a nap, I did some Rosetta Stone and now I’m writing.



I definitely consider today a successful day. I’m surprised that I wasn’t bored, but I did miss interacting with others and having people I can call and ask if they want to grab lunch. But, I’ll get there, too.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to venture to a gym and try to sign up. Wish me luck!!


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