Day in the Life {April 2016}

Happy Monday. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Our’s was pretty low-key. We ran a bunch of errands on Saturday to get some finishing touches for our apartment. I’m very sad there isn’t Home Goods or Target here. We could have easily gotten everything we needed at once if we had a Target. Oh well. My wallet probably thanks me.

I thought I would share a Day in the Life post since I’m starting to get into a routine. My last post about a day in the life was my first day as a SAHW (stay at home wife). I have definitely come a long way since then, even though it was only a few weeks ago.

I’m still getting into my groove. I’m hoping to find a part-time job either in marketing or teaching, perhaps taking some online MBA courses and start taking tennis lessons. I like these day in the life posts because I can look back and see how far I’ve come.

Here was my day last Thursday!

6:30 AM – Copley wakes up and needs to go outside and get her breakfast. Morning time is Vinn’s (ah yes, this is Hubby’s real name!!) time and he handles it.

7:45 AM – Say goodbye to Vinn and prep for the day.

8:30 AM – Walk with Copley. This is a daily occurrence and I look forward to it every single day. So does Copley. This morning, I listen to a new-to-me podcast, Criminal.



9:45 AM – Eat breakfast that consists of coffee, bread with peanut butter and strawberries. Also, watch Real Housewives of New York.



10 AM – German lesson. I am so lucky that my teacher comes to our house.

12:30 PM – Head out to the gym. The weather is great, so I decide to walk the twenty minutes instead of taking the bus. I throw in a load of laundry on my way out. Side Note: laundry takes FOREVER here, like 2 hours for the washer and 2 hours for the dryer. 

12:50 PM – Work it out. I do some HIIT on the treadmill for twenty minutes and then a barre inspired arm workout. It doesn’t look hard, but man, my arms were dying!!



1:45 PM – Head to the grocery store for some random needs: avocados, red pepper, wine, Koala yummies and tortilla chips. For the record, this cost me 17 euro…for everything…including two bottles of wine!! Wine is so cheap here. It is amazing.

2 PM – Eat lunch. I made a delicious salad with romaine lettuce, avocado, turkey lunch meat, tomato, a little bit of bleu cheese and some yoghurt dressing. It is delicious and filling. And a side of lemon water. I enjoy this while watching the most recent Real Housewives of New York!



2:30 PM – Get ready for the day. Finally.

4 PM – Take Copley on another quick walk and pick up new bowls and food for her.

4:30 PM – Do some writing (including this post), blog reading, mindless online browsing and dinner planning.

6:15 PM – Vinn gets home from work and I start cooking dinner. Tonight, I’m attempting to make schnitzel. It’s a German staple and we order it a lot when we’re out.

7 PM – Eat dinner. It’s not half bad, but not the best ever.



8 PM – Unwind with a glass of rose and a good book. And watch some Carpooling YouTube videos. The one with Adele is still my favorite!



9:30 PM – Start to get ready for bed and watch a few episodes of 30 Rock. 

10 PM – Lights out.

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