Day in the Life of an American Expat 2


Today on the blog, I thought I would share another day in the life post. My last day in the life post was from April 2017 and while not much has changed, I thought it would be fun to see what life is like two years into living in Germany!

I am sharing my Monday, February 5, and would love to know what you did on Monday or what your typical day looks like! Let me know in the comments.

7:45 AM Time to wake up and take Copley for a walk. Thankfully, she has been sleeping through the night again and let me sleep in a little bit. She loves to take walks first thing in the morning and it helps get out all of her built up energy from the previous night!

Copley Loves Germany

8:30 AM After warming up from the cold, it’s time for breakfast. I make some scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast and coffee. And my Beauty and the Beast mug.


9:00 AM I watched some YouTube videos while I ate breakfast and let me food digest before hitting up the gym.

9:45 AM Throw in a load of laundry on my way to walk to the gym. The gym is about a 20 minute walk and I do a 3 mile run and a Tone It Up booty and ab work out. I am sweating like crazy.

11 AM I swing by the grocery store to pick up some lemons and paper products. Germans all take showers at the gym after a work out and I just can’t get on board with that, so I get some stares in line. I’m bringing athleisure to Germany.

11:05 AM I hop in the shower, change the laundry and prep for my friend to come over. We are both having some January blues, so we decided to have a day of drinking prosecco and just chatting.

1 PM My friend arrives and I make us some spinach, parmesan dip (I loosely used this recipe and swapped the sour cream for Greek yogurt) and we talk about life. Then we go through some of my jewelry that she might borrow for her upcoming vacation.

Spinach, Parmesan Dip

4:00 PM My friend leaves and I clean up from our snack. I work on my Monday post. I watch some old episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

7:30 PM Vinn gets home from a long day at work and we make some leftovers, chicken fried rice for him and chicken parmesan for me. We watch too many episodes of Modern Family. Yes, I still have up one Christmas decoration. It’s this lounging polar bear with a Santa hat and it just makes me laugh! We have named him Marv and I think I will leave it up all year.

Modern Family

9:30 PM I get ready for bed and start reading my new book, which I can’t really get into yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

This Monday was a typical, non-working day for me and it was pretty fun. I was feeling a cold coming on and just not feeling like myself. Maybe my thyroid is off? I don’t know.

What was your Monday like? 

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  1. Kaitlyn @ Powered by Sass | 7th Feb 18

    I love reading day in the life posts! Also, prosecco and girl talk is where it’s at.

    • Jessica | 7th Feb 18


  2. Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real | 7th Feb 18

    I still have some Christmas decorations up and they are much more obvious than Marv lol. It brings a little cheer to an otherwise dreary time of year.

    My typical Monday goes like this: wake up, work, run, short strength training video or circuit, shower/chores, dinner then reading/some tv.

    • Jessica | 8th Feb 18

      Monday sounds like a busy day!!

  3. Erinn | 8th Feb 18

    This is great! I love the name Copley – what a sweet name for a dog!
    We woke up to a thin layer of ice on Monday morning, which made for a sweet 2 hour delay at school – can’t complain about that! (Although I feel like the kids are whinier on 2 hour delay days!)

    • Jessica | 9th Feb 18

      Thank you. No one can pronounce her name, only Boston folks. A 2 hour delay sounds like a great way to start Monday!

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